In Syria, destroyed by a British female terrorist nicknamed the White widow

In Syria, with US air force air strike killed the most wanted terrorist in the UK – Sally Jones, nicknamed the White widow. Ex-member of punk band fled to Syria with his lover, which called on women to become bombers.

The most wanted British terrorist of the banned in Russia organization «Islamic state» Sally Jones has killed in the air strike, the U.S. air force, reported the Times, citing a source in the British government.

BREAKING — Sun newspaper reports Britain’s most wanted woman and key Sally Jones of ISIS recruiter killed in US drone strike

— Mark White (@skymarkwhite) 11 Oct 2017

According to the CIA, the terrorist was killed in June while trying to flee from Raqqa, but to confirm this information while it is impossible, because DNA analysis was not performed. Also, presumably, when an air strike killed her 12-year-old son.

Sally Jones, a former member of the punk band Krunch, fled to Syria in 2013 with his beloved hacker Junaida Hussein. There they joined the «Islamic state». In 2015, Hussein was killed and Jones was given the nickname White widow.

In the IG it was engaged in propaganda of terrorist ideas on the Internet, defended the mass executions, called on women to become suicide bombers and planning terrorist attacks in Western countries.

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In Syria, destroyed by a British female terrorist nicknamed the White widow 12.10.2017

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