In Syria and Iraq are a few hundred Russian children

Moscow is trying to return home of Russian children from Iraq and Syria. In the combat zone they were taken from parents, who joined banned in our country grouping «Islamic state». The Commissioner for the rights of the child in Russia Anna Kuznetsova has already received dozens of calls from alleged relatives of these children. But because of problems with documents to send home little orphans still does not work.

Marhaba to Bakirovna learned of his grandson’s gaze, looking at the photo, said «TV Center». She has no doubt, is definitely the son of her daughter. The kid’s name is Abdul-Malik. Daughter ran away with her husband in Iraqi Mosul — and there gave birth to a boy.

«First, he said that Turkey had gathered. Then they were in Syria. From Syria hit the Iraqi city of Mosul. They had a son there. In the beginning of the year she said her husband was gone already,» — said a resident of Astrakhan Marhaba.

Abdul-Malik is one of the 48 Russian kids, who are now in the shelter of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad. Their parents joined terrorist groups and killed in the battle for Mosul. How old are you, who are your friends — most of these questions can not answer. What a peaceful life and happy childhood they know almost nothing. But remember war, death and famine. After the liberation of Mosul they were orphaned, but by happy coincidence was not lost on the street. Hit one of the shelters in Baghdad. In the first place, these boys and girls needed medical assistance.

«When the children came to the shelter, their condition was dismal. Most suffered from mental and skin diseases. This is the result of the long stay in camps. Some fractures of the hands and feet. Affected by the lack of parental attention. Because they are, in fact, were abandoned by their parents. A lot of kids. And we expect that there will be more», — said the Director of the Department for child protection in the Ministry of labour and social Affairs of Iraq Abeer Mahdi al-Chalabi.

Report on Russian children in a Baghdad orphanage have made the RT. Journalists especially did not hide the face so that relatives could find the kids and bring them home. For this they have to confirm the relationship and to execute the documents after an elementary birth certificates of the kids there.

Now operational search relatives of these boys and girls left without parents. The action for the return of children to Russia joined the heads of the Caucasian republics. In Dagestan, created a special Commission to search for and return of children from Syria and Iraq.

«We are in touch with the FSB and representation of the Ministry of foreign Affairs in the Republic of Dagestan. That is, we’re doing this. In Syria and Iraq are our countrymen who live there, and this our community we too go to join in this work», — said the head of Dagestan Ramazan Abdulatipov.

In total, according to the Commissioner for the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsova, in Syria and Iraq from Russia could be illegally exported to 400 kids. In the best case they are waiting for the fate of these boys who will soon return home. In the worst of training camps where the terrorists teach children to handle weapons and explosives.

Egor Kiselev, Mikhail Shekoyan, «TV Center»

In Syria and Iraq are a few hundred Russian children 13.08.2017

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