In Stavropol criminal case after the poisoning the child juice

In Stavropol Krai, investigators opened a criminal case on the fact of poisoning with the juice of a child. In Budennovsk, a man in a regular store bought granddaughter a fruit drink. As a result, the girl with the burn of the oral cavity was in intensive care. I tried juice grandpa and the store employee, they also suffered burns, but they hospitalization was not required. The contents are now checked by experts.

Victor Avanesyan always takes their five year old granddaughter from kindergarten. As a rule, still walking. As we approached the house, Caroline asked for a drink. Went to the store. I bought the juice in a small plastic bottle. «I opened this bottle. She took one SIP and immediately cried, cried. I immediately looked. She instantly swollen lips, reddened tongue, drool flowed,» says «TV the Center» Victor Avanesyan.

Grandfather to understand nothing. The juice was not expired. Groin as usual. Just a taste of burning. Male it also tried. «I was faced with acetic acid, with essences of sorts. They have some odor, sharp, acrid. It was odourless. If you even notice the part of the juice leaked down my chin, and formed a burn,» says Victor Avanesyan.

A store employee where the man asked for an explanation, try the juice, too, burned. The girl washed her mouth with water and was taken to the hospital where the child was immediately placed in intensive care.

Diagnosed a chemical burn. The only question is what substance triggered. The juice is pretty well-known company. The owner of the shop bought a small batch of six bottles from your regular vendor. Shows all certificates.

«Inspection is conducted in respect of the owner of the store, and the vendor making the supply of this juice in the store,» said senior assistant Prosecutor of the Budennovskiy Elena Bolgova.

According to grandpa’s girls, a bottle with the remnants of the juice they left in the store. She was later seized by the police. Data about the examination — what substance was the cause of a chemical burn — not yet.

Dmitry Gusev, «TV Center».

In Stavropol criminal case after the poisoning the child juice 20.05.2017

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