In St. Petersburg wanted a group of Ukrainian Nazis suspected of crime

Late in the evening of may 18 unusual passer-by I met 47-year-old resident of Boksitogorsk. Around 22:30 at the station «Chernaya Rechka» the man noticed a young man who «flaunted» in a jacket with Nazi symbols.

According to Boksitogorsk, at the entrance to the subway station he noticed a blue-eyed boy of European appearance. The man’s attention was attracted by a strange jacket, «decorated» with stripes with the symbols of Nazi Germany. In addition, the neck was seen tattooed with a stylized Germanic runes, used to refer to the units of the SS.

The man asked the guy if he is not afraid to go with such «ornaments» in St. Petersburg. In the ensuing dialogue it became clear that the young man came to Russia from the Ukraine and sent to the village Sun. The guy said that there he has a meeting with «like-minded».

About the unusual meeting, alert the driver immediately informed the police. He noted that a guy had a large gym bag. In addition, in his hands he had a strange bundle wrapped in a wrapping film wrapped with twine.

Employees of the Ministry of internal Affairs, in cooperation with the transport police, carried out the necessary checks. It is found that in the Sun no activities in the coming days is not planned. Militiamen find out, where did the young neo-Nazi.

In St. Petersburg wanted a group of Ukrainian Nazis suspected of crime 19.05.2017

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