In Russia engaged in the development of laser against drones

It became known that in Russia, work is underway on the production of laser that will be used to eliminate drone. Relevant information appeared on the website of state orders.

The development of technology has been «scientific research Institute «Polyus» named by M. F. Stelmakh» — the leading scientific center of Russia in the field of laser technology. It is known that the research center is a state Corporation rostec. Was tender for a part of the project. Its purpose is to create a mobile laser, which will destroy small drones. It is noteworthy that technology should be applied in the daytime and in twilight.

Documentation is available on the procurement website. It stipulates that laser system should include a system of support and the trajectories of flying objects. Also it will generate instructions for the guidance system of high-power radiation at the target. It will be based on liquid laser.

The developers plan to create a demonstrator that will be able to detect and obtain images of 20 drones. In addition, the apparatus needs to distinguish the flying object from the birds or the clouds, to calculate the trajectory and hit the target.

Also known price contact — 23.5 million rubles, December 13, will consider applications.

In Russia engaged in the development of laser against drones 07.12.2017

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