In Poland, arrested a Ukrainian for attempting to rape three women tonight

The police of the city of Legionowo (Poland) arrested a citizen of Ukraine, who in one night was robbed and tried to rape three women.

As informs television channel TVN, the first victim of the 24-year-old maniac was 60-year-old woman. She returned home from work after 22:00. The attacker came up from behind her and hit the back of his head. When the victim fell to the ground, he tried to rape her. The woman was able to fight off his attacker, after which he fled the scene with her bag.

After hours, the Ukrainian chose another victim – she was 23-the summer local resident. The man acted on a similar plan. In addition, the offender tried to strangle the girl, using a metal cable. The victim escaped from the hands of the rapist. He fled, stealing her cell phone. 15 minutes later, the Ukrainian maniac found a third victim. He attacked a 23-year-old girl, hit her on the head and dragged on the ground towards the forest. The Ukrainian was startled by a passing car.

Already two hours later, an attacker from Ukraine were arrested. The detainee found in possession of personal belongings of one of the victims girls. Among other things, on the body of the man had scratches and torn clothing. The investigation revealed that he arrived in Poland in June 2015 to work. It is also noted that in the blood of the detainee found alcohol – 1.4 ppm.

Currently, the Ukrainian serial killer was charged with attempted murder and attempted rape and two robberies. He faces life imprisonment.

In Poland, arrested a Ukrainian for attempting to rape three women tonight 01.08.2016

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