In Novosibirsk for the second time raised to the sky restored the Il-2

The legendary Il-2 along with the T-34 tanks and jet systems of volley fire «Katyusha» are the real symbols of the Soviet victory in the great Patriotic war. All the years of war was issued more than 36 000 units, allowing Il-2 to go down in history as the most mass combat aircraft. While flying the Sturmovik veterans celebrated its survivability and firepower that allowed us to solve a variety of combat missions. It is not surprising that Il-2 was inspired by the two most common and effective attack aircraft of modern times — A-10 Thunderbolt II and su-25.

Until recently, however, worldwide there was not one surviving flying prototype. All surviving Il-2 was either scrapped or dismantled for spare parts for the upgraded modifications that were either installed as monuments in various cities of the USSR. Just a few years ago — in 2011 — Novosibirsk craftsmen raised in the air first legendary attack. The first is suitable for the restoration of Il-2 was discovered in a swamp near Pskov in 2007 and in the same year raised to the surface. After this, the aircraft was sent to the Novosibirsk aviation plant, where it was restored to flying condition. The aircraft later went to the American Museum Flying Heritage Collection in Seattle, who financed the works for the return of Il-2 to life. Note that the main sponsor of the Museum stands the co-founder of Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen.

The second restored in Novosibirsk Il-2 took to the skies two days ago — June 16, reported by the official representatives of the United aircraft company. It should be noted, this attack was discovered in 2011, when the first flight of the restored Soviet «flying tank». However, due to the nature of the terrain — attack was discovered in the Murmansk region — to raise the aircraft only in 2015, after which he immediately went to Novosibirsk.

After a year of hard work now in Russia there is a flying sample of the restored Il-2. The restorers say that they managed to recover about 60% of the original parts, which was not achieved in the first case.

In Novosibirsk for the second time raised to the sky restored the Il-2 18.06.2017

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