In Moscow the most part of social payments will increase significantly in 2018

Moscow will increase the most social benefits and since the new year and very noticeable. This decision was made at meeting of Presidium of the government of the capital. According to Mr Sobyanin, we are talking primarily about pensions, as well as on financial support for low-income families.

Moscow’s economy is on the rise, and therefore social support of citizens must grow at the appropriate pace. This was stated at a meeting of the government Presidium mayor Sergei Sobyanin, reports «TV Center».

«We see a positive trend. This is evident in additional revenues to the city budget. This work, of course, and our businesses, and support from the city. In General, we see that the economy has stabilized. A few started to grow real incomes of Muscovites, a small pace, but nonetheless positive growth is visible,» said Sergei Sobyanin.

Increase in social benefits will apply to all without exception of citizens. First and foremost, you need to think about pensioners, said the mayor. Minimum income retired Muscovites will increase by 21 per cent to 17.5 thousand rubles. Such an increase will receive nearly 1 million 400 thousand people. In a record six-fold increase aid for poor families with children up to three years. Depending on the total parental income, this amount can be up to 15 thousand rubles. From the age of three the child to the age allowance will be doubled. One hundred percent increase in General affect the majority of social benefits. Allowance is provided to participants of defence of Moscow, the long-married couples, veterans of work, workers of back, victims of political repression. Similarly, in 2-fold increase benefit to large families and parents raising children with disabilities.

«Please bring our decision to the recipient, to do the necessary organizational work to 1 January 2018, all recipients of social benefits, pensions, and those to whom they are credited in a timely manner received payments», — said the mayor.

In addition, in the following year introduced a new social allowance. Folk and honored artists of the Soviet Union and Russia will receive an additional monthly allowance. About the figures of culture at the meeting of the Presidium of the government said separately. Sergei Sobyanin signed a decree on the allocation of grants for raising the salaries of teachers of schools of arts. In Moscow — the world’s largest network of children’s creative education. In the capital run by the 143 educational institutions. Their pupils are regular winners and prize-winners of various creative competitions.

See performances by creative young Muscovites will be in next weekend. On the fourth of November will be a traditional night of the arts. The organizers keep the intrigue. But they promise something big.

Pavel Prokopenko Pavel Sumenkov, Sergey Davidek, Dina Samokhina. «TV Center».

In Moscow the most part of social payments will increase significantly in 2018 01.11.2017

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