In Moscow, police shot a man threatening them with a grenade

In Moscow police officers shot and killed a suspect in the attempted murder of a businessman. The man at the threatened detention guards with a grenade.

In Moscow, police shot and killed a man suspected in the attempted murder of a businessman and threatening the guards at the detention grenade, reports TASS.

As reported in the press service of the Moscow police, the incident occurred last night on the Shchelkovo highway. In the course of operational activities staff Moore identified the suspect in the attempted murder and his whereabouts. During the detention he resisted and was threatening with the subject similar to a grenade. Police used the weapons. The attacker was wounded, from which he died.
The offender is suspected of attempt at the businessman in Moscow. The evening of 18 January he was wounded from a firearm in the head, which, moving on a Lexus, stopped at a traffic light. The culprit from the scene disappeared in a Mercedes, which was later discovered as a result of the announced plan «Interception». The victim was hospitalized in serious condition.

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In Moscow, police shot a man threatening them with a grenade 21.01.2017

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