In Moscow passes festival of Ysyakh, the Yakut

In Moscow in the Museum-reserve «Kolomenskoye» is the Yakut festival of Ysyakh, which symbolizes the revival of nature and the coming of the New year.

Yakut holiday Ysyakh is celebrated on Saturday in the Museum-reserve «Kolomenskoye». Indigenous peoples of Siberia, he symbolizes the rebirth of nature and coming of the New year, said «TV Center».

Traditionally, the guests have prepared an interesting program. Original ceremonies, sport events, and playing on the national musical instruments. 17 Jun here for the first time, a Festival of folklore genres, which is attended by both professionals and Amateurs of khomus, as well as performers of folk songs and tongue twisters. The festival will conclude with «Dance of friendship.»

In Moscow passes festival of Ysyakh, the Yakut 18.06.2017

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