In Moscow passes farewell to Alexey Batalov

In Moscow say goodbye to Alexey Batalov. People’s artist of the USSR did not on Thursday. He was 88 years old.

Civil funeral takes place in the Large hall of the Cinema House, said «TV Center». Brought together hundreds of people: family and friends, colleagues, fans. Remember the best work Batalov, which brought him national love. This is Boris from «the cranes are Flying», a physicist Gusev from the drama «Nine days of one year», of course, Gosha from «Moscow to tears does not believe». And many others. Just on account of Alexei Batalov dozens of roles, and is said to be no entrance. He filmed, wrote scripts and books. Educated young generation of actors, engaged in charity. Batalov is called a man of extraordinary intelligence, kindness and talent, and his departure is an irreplaceable loss. Will bury the actor, as he has commanded at the Transfiguration cemetery.

In Moscow passes farewell to Alexey Batalov 19.06.2017

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