In Moscow opened the running season

In Moscow on Sunday opens with the running season. In the sports complex «Luzhniki» completed the first mass sprint of five kilometers. It was attended by about six thousand people.

Sports passion and will to win — all these words is the best fit to the athletes, who on 9 April decided to go on the treadmill. At 10am Sunday it was the start, and after 14 minutes at a distance of five thousand meters, the winner, said «TV Center».

This runner from Kazan Rinas Akhmadeev. And the first girl that was faster than many men — Julia Kostkina has come to finish with result of 16 minutes, 26 seconds. Word to the winners.

«The track is perfect. I think everyone is happy. Moreover happened to run today on the record,» said Rinas Akhmadeev.

«The victory was very unexpected. This is the first fast start to the season. For this year the camp could not go, and the opponents are strong, so I am very happy with the result,» said Julia Kostkina.

This is the first of six races of the Moscow marathon — the warm-up. For many, it is not only the best way to celebrate the beginning of the running season, but also the opportunity to assess your fitness after the winter.

Personal bests, the competition with friends — a reason to start training. Each of the nearly six thousand registered athletes today their own motivation. The route of the race around the Olympic complex «Luzhniki». Participants run past the complex of buildings of Moscow state University, Grand sports arena, the Luzhnetskaya embankment.

«I think we all miss the cross country season, ran all winter in the gym, preparing. Finally race on the street, all excited. A little frosty, but I think it could be very good runners,» said the famous tennis player Vera Zvonareva.

Participants race in one voice say that Jogging is a good way to Wake up Sunday and have to start a new working week.

Anastasia Martynova, «TV Center».

In Moscow opened the running season 09.04.2017

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