In Moscow, it is the restoration of the mural «Pioneer badge»

On Sparrow hills and restore the legendary mosaic «Pioneer badge». A panel was badly damaged from time to time, if they do not now save him is unlikely. Now reinforce the concrete base, and then return to the place of an old smal, filling in the empty places new.

The main symbol of the Soviet childhood now guessed only in outline — is a large-scale reconstruction. The famous mosaic «Pioneer badge» on the Sparrow hills after 55 years have lost not only presentable, but is outdated as a technical construction treacherous summed up the Foundation, reports «TV Center».

«Due to the lack of drainage system on this monument we see the destruction of the Foundation, that is the whole brick is degraded, it is possible without any mechanical devices just to take hands and to remove» — said the chief of object Sergey Nechaev.

But after the restoration, promised by the experts, the monument to the Soviet childhood with his bare hands will not take. The Foundation will be securely fastened. Under it will pave a special drainage system. But the most important thing that managed to save almost a third of the famous mosaic mosaic. It will be restored manually.

The missing pieces will be recreated in the same colors: red star, orange blaze and blue background. Colors of the glazes will be designed exactly with that in the Palace of pioneers. There she has remained in perfect condition. Will Shine with new colors pioneer badge at the end of the year.

Elena Sakhno, Roman Lagunov, Denis Kuznetsov, «TV Center».

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In Moscow, it is the restoration of the mural «Pioneer badge» 30.10.2017

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