In Mississippi a devastating tornado killed four people

In the southern and Central part of Mississippi (USA) devastating tornado caused the deaths of four people, reports USA Today. The disaster has left behind catastrophic destruction. Particularly affected the regional centre, the city of Hattiesburg.

An apocalyptic landscape of broken roof carelessly scattered near houses, everywhere fallen trees, blocked by trunks of cars and Pets, which scurry around looking for hosts, food and water.

Local resident Darry McMorris tells how he escaped the bedroom with his wife and two daughters when the tornado passed through their house. Vortex managed to move the heavy structure off the Foundation and turn a pile of wooden debris. Thank God, my family remained unharmed, thanks McMorris pious Conduct.

Residents of the state affected by the disaster, the support of friends and neighbors, sorry about their destroyed homes, sometimes mourning the dead.

On Saturday in several States was declared a threat of a tornado. In the States of Mississippi, Alabama and Florida still operates a storm warning.

Storm warning and a tornado warning was urgently declared in the States of Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Authorities are awaiting the second strike of the elements on the night of Sunday, January 22. By the storm territory is home to about 4 million 300 thousand people, there are more than 1,000 schools and 101 hospital.

The representative of the Service to prevent emergencies on the Mississippi Greg Flynn said that at least 50 people were injured, many hospitalized in a local hospital. The Governor of Mississippi Phil Bryant personally visited the most affected areas, expressing his condolences to the residents of the destroyed Hatiesburg, which was swept by a tornado. Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney estimated the damage at $ 200 million.

According to the latest meteorological reports, on Sunday night a tornado could come back.




In Mississippi a devastating tornado killed four people 22.01.2017

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