In London Bukovsky is suing the crown Prosecutor, who has stained his reputation

Soviet dissident and writer with British citizenship Vladimir Bukovsky continues legal battle against the Royal Prosecutor for defamation and discredit of his name, but again to no avail – the High court in London rejected the claim of the victim Vladimir Bukovsky.

We recall that a year ago, the Royal Prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case against dissident passion for Frank and indecent photos of children that were stored at his home. Found during the search denied «artifacts» enough for excitation of criminal case which has attracted media attention because of the role of libertine and lover of excessive obscenity was the founder and one of the ideologists of the dissident movement.

In response to a criminal case Bukovsky has filed a lawsuit against the crown prosecution service, accusing it of libel and intention to discredit him. In a statement against the accusers dissident barrator indicated the amount of compensation which would allow him not to worry because of disgrace and disgraced the name of — £ 100,000.

However, to sue the prosecutors, and to obtain compensation failed – 28 July, London’s High court denied Bukowski consideration of his claim. The exemption decision is due to the fact that Bukovsky required to find him not guilty and to punish prosecutors for slanderous accusations have ruined his life, brought them in his statement. De facto, such accusations were not noted in court. For example, prosecutors never accused dissident in the immediate «fun» with the kids or shooting the «fun» of this kind, but the storage and production of the images proved the result. It is found that Soviet dissident and writer kept at home for at least five indecent child images and made at least five photos of the same kind. Sam Bukovsky denies all charges, claiming his innocence.

In London Bukovsky is suing the crown Prosecutor, who has stained his reputation 29.07.2016

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