In Krylatskoye will soon open a unique Ferris wheel

In Moscow, finally got a new Ferris wheel. In Krylatskoye on-site theme Park «fairy Tale» set of the cab. Some of them are already in the sky, while the rest wait for their turn on earth, reports «TV Center».

This is the first year-round Ferris wheel in the capital. For summer air conditioning, winter, turn on the stove. This will allow citizens all year round to enjoy the unique views of Moscow.

From one point of — view of the picturesque bridge, Serebryany Bor and the Grebnoy channel. Wheel and Park, located on the protected area. Hence the increased requirements for environmental friendliness of the project. As fuel planning to use the energy of the nearest star.

«We are in progress around the world with energy saving and use of alternative sources. In Moscow, many very used light poles powered by solar energy, applied in various parks. And here was one of the ideas to introduce the story with solar panels. This eco-wheel to do. This will be our symbol,» — said the managing partner of Park Ilya Chernyshev.

It does not have the Foundation, so there is no harm to the soil and groundwater. It also increases mobility. The 35-metre Ferris wheel was conceived as, if not portable, at least transportable. Some days it can be dismantled and installed in any part of Moscow. And, on assurances of designers, not at the expense of safety.

«It is absolutely safe, it is designed to modern standards. And it will stand for a long time and reliably for many decades. It is designed for all hurricanes which may be in the Moscow region in the next 20 years or even 30,» said the CEO of the company-designer Yuri Dvoretskov.

Capacity – more than a hundred people. For citizens eco-attraction will open in the second half of August, however, the first to work it will work all the same on electricity. From solar panels in winter little help — install them with the onset of the first warm days of next year.

Nikolay Sukharev, Nikolai Zhukov, «TV Center».

In Krylatskoye will soon open a unique Ferris wheel 10.08.2016

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