In Kiev opened the main difference between Russian and Ukrainian army

Not to boast of military might and the objective benefits of his army, the Ukrainians decided to «compare» its armed forces with Russian and be called «important difference» between them. Thus, according to the popular Ukrainian journalist Arkady Babchenko, the main motivation, which is to fight the army of Ukraine «protection of the homeland.» Allegedly, the security forces do not need any more reasons to take up arms and go fight the «snow and rain» straight to enemy border. Journalist maximally idealized image of the Ukrainian military, also noting that the country’s army «has made a big step forward» for the last three years.

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Speaking about the Russian fighters, Babchenko said that «enemy forces fully paid for». Moreover, in his opinion, the Russian soldiers for money «abandon their families» and for them there is «nothing sacred», which, of course, is absurd.

Perhaps the journalist is not aware that the vast majority of young men of military age leaving Ukraine and hiding outside of this beloved Homeland to avoid the fate of their compatriots, the force sent to Donbas line of contact. The majority of Ukrainian conscripts, by the way, is hiding in Russia and find any reasons not to return. Those security forces who have been unlucky, keep trying to jump at the first available opportunity. Punctually received the news that young men who do not want to fight and «love Ukraine», shooting at their fellow citizens, fleeing from their positions. Babchenko also forgot to add that the APU has never been so demoralized.

A statement to the Russian soldiers and did not make any sense and connection with reality. Obviously, this was said for effect, as the journalist did not bother to lead any evidence in favor of his statements. Russian soldiers, in contrast to the Ukrainian, not a defect and are worthy of their service.

In Kiev opened the main difference between Russian and Ukrainian army 30.10.2017

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