In Kiev a «hostile fifth column» will become every Russian

In Kiev propose to include in the criminal code article on «Pro-Russian propaganda» in the media. On Friday, June 16, reported on the official website of the SBU with reference to the statement of its head Vasyl Hrytsak. Thus hrycak offers «completely neutralize the enemy’s fifth column» in the information space» of the country.

«The enemy fifth column that the enemy was preparing, cherished, fed well before the beginning of open attacks on Ukraine, have not fully defused,» wrote Hrytsak.

«The response to the promotion should be a boycott of all representatives of the fifth column of the Russian Federation in the information space of Ukraine. They should be persona non grata on the Russian information resources, he added.

According to him, Kiev should be reflected in the criminal code of Ukraine «adequate legal assessment of all forms and methods of hybrid war» being waged in the media. In addition, the head of the SBU proposed to create «the act of information of the unity of journalists in confronting the enemy» and expressed his readiness to personally take part in the development of new regulations.

Such measures, according to Hrytsak, must be the answer «to all the representatives of the fifth column in the information space of Ukraine». He is convinced that the ban on an alternative point of view will strengthen «faith in freedom of speech and democracy» among Ukrainians.

Earlier in the Verkhovna Rada registered a bill providing for the introduction of criminal penalties for the «humiliation» of the Ukrainian language.

— I understand that all services are in Ukraine preparing for early elections, says the Director of the Institute for Eurasian studies Vladimir Kornilov.

— It is protected from dissent all the information field, no exceptions. The destruction of any opposition to the government, of course, is the sauce «war against Russia».

«SP»: — Why only three years later came this «bright idea»? Before «Pro-Russian propaganda» does not interfere?

Yes used also the authorities worked actively on this sweep — which cost at least a campaign of the SBU to combat «domestic separatism». But now the government is scared and wants to have a total sweep, and not just «supporters of the Russian world» but also their former colleagues on «Maidan».

«SP»: — How this initiative could be reflected in the criminal code? Again, other articles, which were planted disagree with the government (terrorism, separatism, calls for the dismemberment) was not enough?

— Honestly, no idea how the term «fifth column» referred to Hrytsak, will be codified. But will surely think of something. For example, impose liability for the mere mention of Russia, without specifying that she was «the aggressor» (they will happen). Although the main effort of the SBU wants to send now those with any sauce criticizes the current Kiev authorities. That they have to come up with a definition…

«SP»: — What categories of people may be in the «zone of risk»? Who will write in the «fifth column»?

— Don’t be surprised if this list will soon be Tymoshenko, Lyashko, Savchenko, Leshchenko and Saakashvili. Again, any criticism of the Kyiv authorities can be summed up by «Pro-Russian propaganda». Indeed, in Kiev, has long been known that to blame Putin and Russia

«SP»: — what will the implementation of such initiatives?

— Judging by the reaction of some supporters of the Maidan, criticizing lately Poroshenko, they have realized that these initiatives are directed more against them than against the Pro-Russian Ukrainians.

«SP»: — whether Moscow to react, to look for some balanced responses? On the «straight line» Putin said that Moscow does not interfere in the situation in Ukraine to «do no harm»…

— Of course, Russia should firmly react to any persecution of dissidents in Ukraine. But when the bickering between the «Chicks Maidan» will reach the highest point, it is better not to intervene, acting on the principle «SDD» («devour each other»). Better to focus your efforts on saving really Pro-Russian citizens of Ukraine, who are now thousands of persecuted, thrown in jail and forgotten the same Russia, under the flag which these men took to the rally in Kharkov, Kiev, Odessa, in Donbass. But unfortunately, in this direction, very little is done…

— The thought of it, they came immediately after the Maidan, — said political scientist Alexander Dudchak. — As it turned out, before the Maidan in Ukraine was dominated by an unprecedented freedom of speech, you can criticize anyone and anything you like. But as usual — to understand and appreciate, you had the freedom to lose. Three years «tighten the screws». Carried out «lustration», which in reality was nothing more than a struggle with competitors, and those who did not agree with what is happening in the country, banned political parties, persecuted dissidents, up to physical destruction. So they didn’t waste any time. Just now they felt complete impunity and can take all sorts of laws, even the most odious. On the other hand, the rationality of such actions are no different, and more like a tantrum of power.

«SP»: — Is a personal initiative by Gritsak? Or someone of his lips voiced? What are the chances of its implementation?

Is generally corresponds with the position of power, despite the fact that it is not uniform, and there is an internal struggle for spheres of influence between financial and political groups. But in relation to the possible expression of alternative views in the media, the formation of a real opposition, the position of those who are «above» the same.

«SP»: — What can be included in the concept of «Pro-Russian propaganda»? How this will expand the punitive capacity of the authorities?

Now such a definition may enter any manifestation of discontent — from the disagreement with the political course of Kiev authorities, negative attitude to the «anti-terrorist operation», the desire for normal relations with Russia to perturbations of the utility rates and the ironic attitude to bizwise. The bounds tend to the point.

«SP»: — Who, besides journalists, it may be in the «zone of risk»?

— All who are more or less publicly expressed an opinion, who is active in social networks, speaking with any appeals that do not meet the interests of the government. Blooms and the phenomenon of snitching. As a consequence, a «risk zone» people can get into for purely economic reasons, for the sake of selfish goals against the competitors.

«SP»: — According to Hrytsak, the ban on an alternative point of view will strengthen among the Ukrainians believe in freedom of speech and democracy» in the country. How is this an adequate statement? What will they in reality?

— If this goes on, the next step of strengthening the belief in freedom of expression is cranial trepanation and lobotomy. Perhaps belief in freedom of speech and strengthen, but certainly not the freedom of speech and democracy. You can still strengthen the faith in hot water when the tap is only cold, or faith in the fed when money for food is not enough. A lot can be strengthened in such a crackdown. Can a thread derail.

«SP»: — a few days in the Verkhovna Rada a bill providing for criminal punishment of «humiliation» of the Ukrainian language. Now a ban on «propaganda.» What else to expect from this government? Forbidden to speak in Russian, and mention the word «Russia»?

Why not introduce fines for not talking in Ukrainian? And for control over execution of the law to install cameras and microphones in each apartment of the citizen of Ukraine, in every institution and company. Of course at the expense of the citizens themselves. First, the fines will add to the budget, and secondly, to strengthen the love for the Ukrainian language, finally and irrevocably.

According to editor-in-chief of Forum. MSK Anatoly Baranov, Ukraine is consistently moving towards bourgeois totalitarianism, dictatorship of the bourgeois.

— And extremely nationalist. This is determined by two factors: first, the objective — the Ukrainian state in its present form is not able to provide minimally acceptable levels of social production and, as a consequence, the minimum acceptable standard of living. It means that people must somehow non-economic and non-political ways to force you to accept the existing order. The second reason is subjective: to maintain the desired intensity of social consciousness need some kind of goal, some kind of task. For modern Ukraine the task was «the struggle with the Muscovite.» And it happened not in 2014, it is prepared all development, if you can call that word a permanent degradation of Ukraine.

«SP»: — What will be subsumed under the concept of «Pro-Russian propaganda»? Against whom will it be used?

— Well, against whom? Against «prorossiytsev»! And they can be anyone, as in the famous times fought with fists and kulak agents. Who the fist, in General, of course, a rural, parasite, rural bourgeois. But Podsolonko could be anyone. Well, anything — if not to start every text with the ritual of the curse, like included with the filing of Roskomnadzor in the ritual tradition of the Russian press mentions of IG* with the saying «banned in Russia». So there will be something like «let him be accursed Muscovite, trampling independent Ukraine».

«SP»: — a few days in the Verkhovna Rada a bill providing for criminal punishment of «humiliation» of the Ukrainian language. Now a ban on «propaganda.» What else to expect from this government? Why do I want to achieve all this?

— Humiliation of the language thing, of course, mysterious. In Ukraine, the General norms of the literary Ukrainian language is very uncertain, so a large part of the speeches of Ukrainian politicians to «Ridna mova» can be considered demeaning language, that is its godless mangling. What else can you expect from the government, to Express himself and most importantly think on your

proukrainian native language? Yes, anything! For example, wear of the Muscovites on the clothes of the red stars or to prohibit mixed marriages. Yes, read the history of the Third Reich, there comrade Goebbels was very creative. In Kiev, the same creative tension, just shift the «classics».

«SP»: — How such initiatives will help to strengthen the power? Or the result will be reversed?

— The power in Ukraine is held by fear and greed. Will add fear so will strengthen the power. Well someone on this, of course, good money. As was well off even before the Maidan translations of Soviet films into the Ukrainian language or in the publication of Russian classics in the majestic move. Now probably there will be some Commission for the investigation of anti-Ukrainian activities in the media. Extortion, racketeering. As usual.

* «Islamic state» (ISIS) terrorist group, whose activities on the territory of Russia is prohibited by a decision of the Supreme court dated 29.12.2014.

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In Kiev a «hostile fifth column» will become every Russian 19.06.2017

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