In Ivanovo region the apartment building collapsed due to explosion of household gas

In the Ivanovo area there was a collapse of an apartment building, in which a man died. His body was recovered from under the rubble, according to GCE. The tragedy occurred on October 4 at 9 a.m. in the village Ilinskoe. It is reported that was heard cotton domestic gas.

The expert of group of companies «GCE» Alexander Moskalenko, told about the reasons of such accidents.

«Almost every second domestic gas explosion is not with stationary equipment and portable, for example, with a tile or container. Such equipment has its own rules safe operation, but, most often, owners ignore them. Residents put a portable gas appliance in direct sunlight or near a working stove. From ignorance and disregard of rules and regulations follow all the disastrous consequences. Existing Federal Law on industrial safety applies only to industrial enterprises. In Soviet times, everyone who used a gas stove or column, either at the entrance or in the kitchen on a string hung in a special Ledger. It was written, who is the responsible tenant, stated certain rules of operation under which the tenant put his signature on review. In the same document regularly did mark gazoprovodsk after examination and inspection of gas facilities. Now VDGH no one controls, but the owners are not trained to safe operation. You need to deploy propaganda across the country related to safe operation of gas. For example, the most effective method is to hang posters in the hallways, to prepare a series of materials devoted to this problem. Any step in this direction can only be welcomed».

In Ivanovo region the apartment building collapsed due to explosion of household gas 04.10.2016

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