In Idlib unknown eliminated another leader of the «Jabhat al-Nusra.»

In the Syrian province of Idlib continues the hunt for the leaders of local factions. Particularly affected is the top dominant in the region «Jabhat an-Nusra.»* Today, October 30, it became known about the death of Abu Abdel-Rahman al-Muhairi.

The car of the terrorist has been shot with handguns at close range. Advocates groups report that an ambush near the city of Khan shaykhun likely to have organized several people.

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Earlier, on October 27, a bomb blew up the car «Emir» Abu Tala al-Anni, who advocated the complete elimination of all rival gangs, including LIH*.

For smaller groups, included in the «Jabhat an-Nusra». So, one of the bases in the Eastern province was found abandoned pickup truck, brim full of explosives. The car was found by the bodyguards of the leaders, who checked the area a few hours before a major meeting of warlords.

Responsibility for the elimination of terrorists, none of the rival factions on.

* – Organization’s activity in Russia is prohibited by a decision of the Supreme court.

In Idlib unknown eliminated another leader of the «Jabhat al-Nusra.» 30.10.2017

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