In Hollywood I doubt the sincerity of the apology Kevin spacey

Another scandal in Hollywood associated with sexual harassment. This time the accused twice «Oscar» Kevin spacey. His colleague Anthony RAPP, known to viewers of the TV series «Star trek», said that the celebrity tried to persuade him to reach when he was a teenager. After the publication of the article spacey in social networks apologized for his behavior 30 years ago, and then made the shocking confession.

«The dream factory» once again reeling. Tired of the demanding American audience a spectacular blockbusters and expensive epics, serve it hot. On the background of high-profile sex scandals sensational statement was made by 46-year-old actor Anthony RAPP.

Not all the weaker sex to suffer from the attacks of lewd producers, photographers and Directors. It happened to him. Long ago, however, almost 30 years ago. At the dawn of her acting career, at age 14, came to the party to 25-year-old Kevin spacey, they played together on Broadway. It was only then «American Beauty», «the Life of David Gale,» «the usual suspects», «Seven» and the famous «house of cards», and then in the 80s movie could turn out quite different.

«He tried to seduce me. I don’t know whether it is true interpretation of his language, but he tried to engage me in sexual contact. I was able to rebound from it and go into the bathroom,» said Anthony RAPP.

The response was immediate. Double-Oscar-winning actor, Director, 58-year-old crowd favorite and ladies, previously only joked about his sexual orientation, and now take and said: «Maybe I was, but honestly can’t remember.» RAPP has offered his sincere apologies, and fans were shocked by the confession.

«My closest people know that I have had relationships with both men and women. Throughout my life I have loved men and engage them in a romantic relationship, and now I have decided to live as a gay man,» said Casey.

Housewives crying: do they have there in the Hollywood hills real men left? There are, say lawyers — Harvey Weinstein, James Toback, Terry Richardson — the main figures of the stories about sexual harassment. Among the victims Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, dozens of random extras and hundreds of women from the crowd. The mainstream — not otherwise. Hollywood resents. Who’s sleeping with whom, is a personal matter, but here the star of pedophilia in the ranks will not be tolerated. Colleagues one after the other emphasize the recognition spacey does not absolve him of responsibility.

In the coming days, many media will probably be released with the title «spacey admitted that he was gay.» This is a well planned step from spacey and his PR team, which for many years has treated the rumors of his homosexuality. This step obviously chosen to overshadow all accusations, voiced by Anthony RAPP.

And admittedly, while it turned. Anthony RAPP still got their moment to Shine. Who would have thought this kid from the popular series the end is zero, and now many talk shows and interviews, such is the thorny path to success.

Matvey Shestakov, «TV Center».

In Hollywood I doubt the sincerity of the apology Kevin spacey 31.10.2017

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