In Crimea, started the strawberry season

In Crimea, started the strawberry season. In the huge greenhouses on the Peninsula is ripe for the first harvest. Thousands of tons of this fruit will soon appear on the shelves in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities.

On the plantation cook to be sent a new batch of ripe strawberries. Bright berries are already visible in the beds. The assembler need only break a strawberry and correctly put in the tray. But, more importantly, not eat the new harvest. This, of course, the most difficult thing, said «TV Center».

«For them the priority is to collect the strawberries. And then at the end of the garden to relax and eat strawberries. Indeed, she is very sweet, temptations are many. Work hard,» says the foreman of the greenhouses Nadie Kadyrov.

Six acres of greenhouses last year have given 150 tons of berries top grade. And this despite the fact that the agriculturists are not «chemical» for pest management using natural processes. Agronomists just sat in the garden insects that are enemies of parasites. Berry is also matured without chemicals and its tear fully ripe.

Two days later, just picked berries will be available in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Voronezh and Krasnodar. This strawberry is not only beautiful to look at, but sweet to the taste.

The technology is Italian, the sun and the water from the Crimean. The variety «Clery» is displayed on the Apennine Peninsula and is considered elite. It is grown in tens of farms, but it is in the Bakhchsarai area the foreigner grows even better than at home. After three weeks on the bushes will be the second harvest of the Crimean berries with an Italian accent.

Crimean strawberries – the earliest. And because of the cold spring berries from other regions this year less. Maybe imported is cheaper, but environmentally friendly Crimean long on the counter not lie.

Nutritionists recommend to eat per season of at least five kilograms of strawberries. It contains dozens of nutrients. Thanks to the fat-burning properties are particularly popular berry in wanting to lose weight. The demand was so great that the owners of the greenhouse decided to increase the area of the beds twice. This year the Crimean strawberry farm will be the largest in Russia.

Boris Maksudov, Alexander Sarbanov, Maxim Volodin. «TV Center», the Crimea.

In Crimea, started the strawberry season 20.05.2017

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