In Crimea, create a unique, virus-free nursery plants

In Crimea completed the creation of a unique Russian virus-free nursery plants. The goal of his work is the development and improvement of varieties suitable for cultivation in different climatic zones. Research conducted by the laboratory «Biotron».

Extraneous bacteria are not allowed. Biotronic complex is more like a sterile operating room. This laboratory, for example, so-called. Now here literally operate on the shoots of chrysanthemum, reports «TV Center».

«At the moment I Derinkuyu plant and transplanted to a new culture medium. To one or two to 1-15 explants,» said the Junior researcher of the laboratory of Irina Zhdanova.

From these samples, scientists will grow super plants free from viruses and diseases. They can be «taught» to different environmental conditions. The main objective of the Biotron – new deduce and propagate the best varieties.

The Holy of holies of the Nikitsky Biotron — the so-called «culture». For plants, there are perfect conditions. Supported by a certain temperature and lighting. With these perfectly healthy specimens, and will work as genetic engineers.

At the disposal of scientists, the most modern technology. In this cell, for example, you can simulate any climatic zone, from hot and arid deserts, to humid subtropical. It is here that super-plant test of endurance.

«The temperature expose, a custom humidity. And here we see in this chamber. Here, light this, humidity 60%,» — said researcher Sergei Ovchinnikov.

Scientists today don’t need to plant hundreds of plants, wait until they grow up, to cross and to wait again. In biotronik complex, you can control the growth and make changes starting from the cellular level. One of the main areas today – the fight against the most dangerous disease of fruit trees. From pox virus around the world die each year 5% of stone.

«Just one of these segments, we will obtain plants resistant to certain diseases. In this situation — pox virus,» said doctor of biological Sciences Irina Mitrofanova.

These small climatic — genetic Bank of the Nikitsky Botanical garden. Collected here are fifteen hundred completely different plants. From endangered and rare flowers to fruit and crops. This place called New ark. To see the collection of the Crimean scientists regularly come and foreign colleagues.

«This visit was very useful. The main task is to establish a scientific cooperation and to gain new knowledge from local scientists. I was interested in a rich collection of irises, roses, peonies which is here in the Crimea», — said the breeder Susan Caspers.

European scientists excited about the possibilities of the Crimean colleagues. Because the collection of plants is not just stored in the laboratory. Almost all instances can be seen in the natural environment. After biotronic complex is operating at full capacity, this collection will add new plants.

Boris Maksudov Alexander Sarbanov Maxim Volodin, «TV Center», the Crimea.

In Crimea, create a unique, virus-free nursery plants 18.06.2017

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