In cooperation with «RKS» in the Crimea will be the infrastructure for drones

Deputy Chairman of the holding company «Russian space systems» (Roskosmos) Anatoly Perminov during the Yalta international economic forum announced the agreement signed with the government of Crimea, cooperation in the field of unmanned systems (UAVs).

According to the agreement, the Corporation on outer space activities will create on the Peninsula the necessary infrastructure for the most efficient and safe use of UAVs. Anatoly Perminov said that the Russian market has great growth potential, this will allow it to grow exponentially.

He noted that globally the market is $72 billion, while in the Russian Federation, these figures exceed $240 million While Perminov believes that this area should be developed on the Crimean Peninsula, where the field of space activities, in contrast to mainland Russia while considerably lags behind.
Innovation in this direction can then also be used in agriculture, construction and for prevention of emergency situations, said Deputy head of Roskosmos. The development of RCS contribute to increased growth potential in all these areas, he said.

For example, an effective transport management system and satellite system high-precision positioning (SVPT). Regarding the latter, there Perminov has noticed that now in Crimea there is a ready network of SVPT, all stations which belong to different owners, which complicates its development. In this regard, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, tasked the leadership of the Roscosmos in the next two years to create a unified network with a positioning accuracy on the territory of about 3-5 meters.

Also in the plans RCS announced the establishment of monitoring of waste disposal facilities and displacements of engineering structures on the Peninsula. In particular, the latter is now being tested in the project on construction of the Kerch bridge and shows excellent results — the accuracy is 1 mm.

Currently, the infrastructure and the enterprises of industrial sector of the Peninsula is undergoing a dramatic change for the better. Thanks to the investment flow from the Federal budget, and attracting foreign investors managed to increase the quality and quantity of produce in the Crimea products. This, in turn, is beneficial to the Russian market, as it allows to compensate for losses from Western sanctions.

In cooperation with «RKS» in the Crimea will be the infrastructure for drones 21.04.2017

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