In Chita has passed a teenager who was knifed in the head for 20 rubles

Young man stabbed in the head with a knife a few days ago, without leaving a coma, has died in a hospital in Chita.


In one of the hospitals of Chita in Transbaikalia died a teenager who a few days ago during a party at a local bar got in a fight with her boyfriend and ended up in the hospital with a knife in his head.

As it became known, a fight between young people occurred at a time when you had to pay for alcohol, which young people drank at a local bar.

According to some reports, young people could not identify who will pay the bill, and in the end verbal skirmish has outgrown in melee, where there were even chairs, and then to the stabbing.

As previously reported, early in the morning, September 26, on Monday, three young men entered a bar and ordered a beer, and when it came time to pay the bill, then between them there was a quarrel in which seriously injured two people, one of them received lacerations of the hand and the second knife in the head.

A few days young people spent in intensive care in critical condition and died early this morning, October 2, Sunday.

After one of the teenagers wounded his friends, he ran away from the scene and for several days had fled, but militiamen managed to detain him in one of the districts of the city.

According to the malefactor, the cause of the quarrel was that he asked his victim 20 rubles, because, as he said, he did not have enough money to pay the bill, but was refused.

After that, the killer began to reproach his friend in greed and in the end, inflamed from their own words, having a fight, and then seriously wounded his friends.

Later found out the identity of the participants in this quarrel they were the students of one of technical colleges of Chita.

In Chita has passed a teenager who was knifed in the head for 20 rubles 02.10.2016

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