In Brussels start negotiations on a Brexit

19 June start Brexit negotiations between the EU and the UK. It is expected that the procedure of exit from the EU will be completed in March 2019.

Monday, June 19, in Brussels starts negotiating the British exit from the EU, reports Reuters.

In the headquarters of the European Commission will meet the head of the Ministry of Brexit David Davis and chief negotiator of the EU Michel the Election. It is expected that Brexit will be completed by March 2019.

The discussion will be conducted in two stages. First, the countries plan to resolve all of the issues associated with the withdrawal of Britain from the EU, and then find out whether there will be a London member of the European common market.

Earlier in mass media appeared information that the start of negotiations can move due to the fact that the statement on forming a ruling coalition postponed for a week due to a major fire in a London high-rise building.

23 Jun 2016 UK residents voted for the country’s withdrawal from the European Union. 8 June 2017 in the UK held parliamentary elections in which conservatives have retained the leadership, but failed to gain enough votes to form a majority government. Due to the fact that the party may need to unite in a coalition with the Democratic unionist party Northern Irish Protestants.

In Brussels start negotiations on a Brexit 19.06.2017

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