In Brussels launched negotiations on a Brexit

In the Brussels negotiations for British exit from the European Union. The EU representative expressed hope that this meeting will determine priorities and implementation schedule Brexit. The representative of London noted that negotiations begin in a positive and constructive manner.

The chief negotiators of the European Union and the UK has begun consultation on Brexit. This was reported by the Agency Sputnik.

«I hope that today we will be able to determine priorities and a schedule that would allow me to report to the Council of Europe this week about the constructive opening of negotiations», — said the representative of Brussels, Michel Barnier.

He noted the necessity of eliminating uncertainties caused by the withdrawal of Britain from the EU, primarily for citizens and then for the beneficiaries of EU policy. In addition, it is necessary to clarify the situation from the point of view of influence on the border, particularly in Ireland.

The representative of the United Kingdom David Davis stated that he is committed to do everything possible for the transaction which will work in the interests of all citizens.

«We are starting negotiations in a positive and constructive manner, with the intent to build a strong and special partnership between us and our European allies and friends for our future,» he said.

In Brussels launched negotiations on a Brexit 19.06.2017

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