In Aleppo gathered the first harvest of grain

Syria restores the agriculture, destroyed by the war. Liberated from the militants fields, gathering the first harvest. Before planting they had to be cleaned up. Republic is trying to restore the pre-war figures for the production of grain. But it is hampered by not only fighting, but also Western sanctions imposed against the country.

This is the first spring in the vicinity of Aleppo, when the harvesters are working quietly in the fields. Today, the peasants in the village of al–Sefira harvest ripened barley, transfers «TV Center».

Several months the area is kept the militants, banned in Russia organization «Islamic state». The peasants, after they inherited a heavy legacy — the burnt cars, broken appliances.

In Syria removed two crops per year. After harvesting grain crops, these fields will sow sunflower and corn. To offer climate, fertile land, an elaborate system of irrigation. There were grown 100% of Syrian barley and the fifth part of the wheat. But in recent years, the yields fell. Before the war, Syria self-sufficient in bread and produce 4 million tons of grain last year managed to collect a total of 400 thousand tons.

The main suppliers of wheat – raqqa and Deir-ez-Zor. They are still held by the terrorists. Land mined. The tractors turned into «gigajoule». The same as six months ago, it was in Aleppo.

A few years ago, agriculture in the province engaged in more than half of the population. The war has bled the industry. But to revive it. The peasants who fled from the terrorists and return to their homes and familiar from childhood labor. That’s just to update the fleet of agricultural machinery to the authorities. Yet against Syria sanctions, set new combines, spare parts and equipment, ex-partners refuse.

Timur Abdullaev, Andrei Pashutin. «TV Center», Syria.

In Aleppo gathered the first harvest of grain 19.05.2017

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