In Aleppo, foreign journalists arrived

In Aleppo, Syria, arrived journalists from several countries – France, Germany, Sweden, Canada and China. Foreign reporters were able to see how to restore the destroyed by terrorists of the city. They visited the Western part, where the already full of life, and in the Eastern, where was fought the fiercest battles.

In Aleppo arrived correspondents from France, Germany, Sweden, Canada and China. From the Western part of the city, which is now full of life, the column reporters went to East where there were the most fierce fighting. The citadel was exactly on the front line. The scale of destruction is staggering, reports «TV Center».

This mosque is called the younger sister of the famous Umayyad mosque in Damascus. Listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. According to experts, the restoration of this monument of culture and history will require $ 14 million.

Collapsed minaret of a destroyed wall, was badly damaged courtyard. A huge loss for the entire world community. However, after 6 months of completion then fighting a real help in the recovery has only Russia.

«We are very grateful to Russia. No expert of UNESCO and did not come to us. Many countries have repeatedly expressed the desire to help in the restoration of historical monuments. But all remained in name only,» — said Mahmoud, Acken.

That day killed nine children. Their pictures now hang on the wall of the school. The teacher who led the lesson, the explosion tore off his leg. «I did everything to come back again and teach the children. We will always remember this tragedy and will continue to educate our children so that they never more not allowed,» says Abir, Makasi.

Restore classes helped the Russian military. Provided materials. And the beginning of the school year brought the school supplies. In Aleppo, now 300 thousand students. And with each passing month they become more. The city began to return the refugees.

The main efforts of the builders are now thrown on the reconstruction of houses, which must return the refugees. In the near future from the camps of temporary residence in the Central part of Syria in Aleppo should come more than a thousand families.

Victor Prokoshev, «TV Center», Aleppo, Syria.

In Aleppo, foreign journalists arrived 13.09.2017

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