IG creates a unit of experts on chemical weapons

According to US intelligence, the militants of the «Islamic state» is going to gather experts on chemical weapons from Syria and Iraq to better counter the offensive of the international coalition for the capital of Raqqa.

Terrorists banned in Russia organization «Islamic state» intends to establish a special unit specializing in chemical weapons, reported CNN, citing U.S. intelligence.

According to sources, it seeks to unite experts on chemical weapons out of Syria and Iraq in order to confront the international coalition during the attack on the Islamic state’s capital Raqqa.

The US defense Department believe that the area, where it will meet, a new unit may be the capital along with Raqqa. There may be hiding the leader of the group Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.

«We know they (militants – approx. ed.) derive a significant part of the leadership of Raqqa, and we believe that they also brought their technical staff and equipment,» — said the Pentagon.

Earlier it became known that on 19 April, the militants used poison gas mustard gas against the American troops in Iraq, and on April 14, the terrorists used the chemical agent chlorine in Iraq’s Mosul.

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IG creates a unit of experts on chemical weapons 19.05.2017

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