If Russian air defense system to destroy the F-35?

The journal The National Interest suggested how to develop the confrontation of offensive and defensive weapons — us stealth fighters (F-35, F-22) and air defense of Russia.

«Russian missiles capable of carrying warheads, advanced radars and systems, trying to integrate large amounts of data to provide a powerful air defence — that is those funds that will ultimately contribute to the separation of the Western force for two branches», — the analyst of the Center for naval analysis (Center for Naval Analyses) Mike Coffman.

When such systems will be in the hands of China, Iran and other regional powers, Western force will be transformed into advanced aircraft that are able to break through the complex system of enemy air defenses, such as «stealth aircraft», and aircraft for bombing kind of aircraft, striking the positions of terrorists, the expert said in an interview with The National Interest.

The stealth technology makes airplanes invisible to radar, and the Russian air defense s-300, s-400 and s-500 can detect stealth aircraft like F-22 or F-35, but the long-wave radars radar systems have low accuracy and are easy to detect and destroy. In this respect, Russian air defense systems are not yet able to provide guaranteed detection and destroying stealth aircraft, says the analyst.

Moscow is actively working on a solution to this problem. Now tested a number of technologies, in particular developing a network of closely integrated radar, able to assess the position of the same aircraft from different angles, adds Coffman.

«The ability to see the aircraft or part is good, but the main thing is to be accurate, which ensures the missile hit the target», — said the expert.

According to the analyst, over time, the advantage of the technology «stealth» is becoming less obvious, and she is not getting any cheaper.

«Sooner or later, Moscow will find the solution to the «invisible» problems of the infinite and the cyclical confrontation of offensive and defensive weapons will continue. It is only a matter of time,» concludes Mike Coffman.

If Russian air defense system to destroy the F-35? 21.08.2016

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