Hyundai Creta. What to expect from the new crossover.

Carmaker places on Creta hopes. It is believed that it could become a serious competitor to the Renault Duster, which for several years now occupies a leading position among the crossovers in the domestic market. For more realistic predictions of Crete can easily compete with the Kia Soul and Lada Xray.
As reported the issue with crossover is planned to organize in St. Petersburg, on the production capacities freed after discontinuing the hatchback Solaris. How many cars you plan to produce, is not precisely known. However, now the company plans it is clear that by the end of 2017 the level of localization of car in the market needs to reach 70%. Assembly of pilot samples is already underway, and mass production of Hyundai Creta will begin in early August. Almost all the branded shops, we can already pre-order on a new car. The only difficulty is that at the moment is not known the exact price of the crossover. It is rumored that the basic package will have to pay 825 to 850 thousand rubles.

As for the «stuffing» Creta, it is good enough. Baseline, which in this version of Hyundai is called Start, the buyer will find steel wheels in 16 inch and multifunction steering wheel. System security is ESP, ABS and airbags for driver and front passenger. From the «amenities» in the cabin heated seats, full set of elektrosteklopodemniki, Bluetooth and original sound system. Neither a split system nor air conditioning in the basic version there is that, in the opinion of automotive experts is a major omission of developers. To control the temperature in the cabin can only owners Hyundai Creta Active. By the way, the trunk of this crossover model is additionally equipped with a shelf, which allows more economical use of space.

As previously stated, the car has managed to earn popularity in the East. Russia Creta had worked out, in particular, has changed the characteristics of the chassis, the increased power of the battery and was added to the heated glass. According to the developers of Hyundai Creta will be no problem to start even after nights on 30 degree frost. How this promise will match the reality, time will tell. However, if it is true at least 2/3, Creta there are a lot of fans, especially in the Northern regions of our country.

Hyundai Creta. What to expect from the new crossover. 22.07.2016

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