Hunting for «friends of Putin»: English version

In London presented the report, in fact, put a bold cross on the whole of the British democracy, which is the UK residents so, so proud. And that is typical — again, not without Russia, which the authors of this «scientific work» at seventeen pages made a «litmus test» for segregation of their own British political elite.

The report, according to RIA «Novosti», prepared in the depths of the Russian research Centre Society Henry Jackson (the same, incidentally, was co-author of the famous American discriminatory amendment of Jackson-Vanik). The title of the work is not just politically incorrect, it is offensive — «Putin’s Useful idiots». However, the rude jargon of the epoch of the cold war did not become an obstacle to its public representation in the House of lords. What’s obvious pleasure made the Director of the Center, known Russophobe Andrew Foxall.

This figure, who calls himself an expert on Russia, in fact, sanctioned the persecution to British politicians, whose opinion about our country is at odds with the opinion of the official of London. And to «the arrows of the defenders of the true values of» better hit the target, the report lists the names of those who supposedly «works in Moscow».

This report also contains recommendations to counter the «friends of Russia». In particular, journalists and activists suggest constantly reminded of the «corrupt ties» of certain politicians and put in society the issue of credibility.

By the way, in the list of unreliable the British quite a lot of big names. Along with the mastermind behind Brexit Nigel Farage, there is mentioned the former mayor of London Ken Livingstone, leader of the labour party Jeremy Corbyn, former leader of the right-wing British national party Nick Griffin etc.

In this regard, noteworthy is the statement of the Fund Jackson that they in his report did not aim to revive the British soil McCarthyism, which became almost the official ideology in the USA at the turn of the late forties and fifties. Significant features of this ideology have become political extremism, the intolerance of dissent and «witch hunt». Basically suffered harassment policy and cultural figures sympathetic to the Soviet Union.

Or «scientifically based» Foxall attempt to silence certain political figures something else?

Is McCarthyism in its pure form, — commented the political scientist, Deputy Director of the Institute of history and politics, Moscow state pedagogical University, Vladimir Shapovalov. — Reminiscence of the most unrestrained, the most severe and unconventional cold war era, when there was no discharge and some system of agreements between the USSR and the USA. And, in fact, indeed, this is reminiscent of the 50-ies. in the United States when convicted of «Communist sympathies» could lose not only civil rights but also of life.

«SP»: — what, in your opinion, caused the release of such a report?

— This is a result of the processes that are going on in the West. Namely, the processes for change in the political landscape.

Naturally, many of them become iconic. Such processes are Brexit, the US election primaries in France, the referendum in the Netherlands on the issue of Ukraine, the success of «Alternatives for Germany» in Germany, the National front of Le Pen in France and the vote of the regional councils of the North of Italy for the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions.

In other words, today there are a number of processes in the countries of the West, which in fact testify to the ideological and political collapse of modern Atlanticist globalist elite, which is now in power. And the impact of those political forces that, in fact, represent some kind of alternative — right or left — this political elite.

In this regard I want to stress that all these persons, of course, are not «agents of the Kremlin» in any case. It’s just that these politicians have a different view on domestic and foreign policy. Often it is more rational, more pragmatic, and based on the interests of the population of these countries, including the UK.

That look often enough in relation to Russia involves not tough confrontation that we have now, and dialogue. Search mutual points of attraction, and joint action to prevent the global crisis phenomena that are currently available. For example, with regard to international terrorism and fight against it.

Here’s a rational approach, which is based on finding the national interests of individual countries — the UK, he can not disturb the current political elite. Makes her a serious injury, stress, and lack of understanding of why this is happening?

And, of course, instead of trying to work on mistakes and to understand why voters choose new politicians in the West begins the search for meaning and analysis of the situation, and propaganda baiting and name calling.

«SP»: — And had overstepped the line of British «intelligence»?

— They are, as they say, just «honor the traditions». Because all this has been characteristic of America’s era of McCarthyism. And even for our — Soviet — history, to some extent. We can also remember how certain persons we were accused of being «foreign spies»… this is from the same series.

Western liberal policy in this case, like so unloved characters from Soviet as they like to call it, the «totalitarian past».

It’s name calling, baiting opponents — instead of dialogue, and the prosecution of anyone who has a different point of view, is that he is a «Kremlin agent» seems to have become the signature style of the liberal elite of the Western community.

And by the way, pay attention to the fact that this report appeared on the eve of a vote in the European Parliament about the shameful resolution on the suppression of the Russian media.

«SP»: — Not accidentally, I think?

— Of course, not accidental. This coordinated policy. Attempt to somehow to protect their positions. And notice how much this rhetoric resembles the rhetoric of the election campaign of Hillary Clinton.

After all, her main argument was that trump supposedly is a «puppet of the Kremlin» and Putin’s protege. That is, if not name calling?

The same thing we see in this report and in the resolution of the European Parliament. It is almost the same rhetoric.

Of course, in the current European political elites there is a critical period. And it seems that they can not cope with emotions, can not cope with the situation after the victory of trump. Don’t understand how to get out of this situation, what to bet. Because today or tomorrow is another supporter of Putin wins in France. And no matter who it is, françois Fillon, or marine Le Pen. It is clear that this is a completely different policy, but they share the fact that both encourage, as a minimum, to normalize relations with Russia.

In this context, the situation for the Atlanticist elite of Europe is alarming. Of course, that they have no choice but to resort to the most primitive, the most crude methods of struggle.

«SP»: — But they are on the altar of this struggle is willing to put its own citizens… Squealing banal work?

— Is it really. So, in General, is incorrect, unlike the standard view about democracy move. To identify politicians who have the courage to have their own point of view and report them. To cover their activities.

I think this is evidence of extreme intellectual exhaustion and lack of understanding of how to change the situation and what you need to do in order to get out of the managerial and political crisis which hit the Western political elite.

The Russian Embassy in London has commented on the publication of the report Foxall, stating that it «is another good example of defiant disregard for the principle of freedom of speech in a country that considers itself to be a model of liberal democracy».

«We regret to state that the UK is continuing the hysterical anti-Russian information campaign, accompanied by an aggressive attempt to suppress any dissent and the right to alternative to the official point of view. Those who are behind it, clearly live in their own world, yearning for the past and hoping to turn back the clock. I would advise the right medication, the film Stanley Kubrick’s «Dr. Strangelove,» reads the official statement of the Russian diplomatic mission.

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Hunting for «friends of Putin»: English version 26.11.2016

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