Huddling the boy in Balashikha woman receives threats

Cousin Olga Alisovoy who is suspected in a fatal accident with a six year old boy in Balashikha, stated that she receives threats. According to him, the woman is indeed the wife of a member of OPG, however, no attempt to hide the facts of his guilt in the incident was not.

The woman who knocked down six year old boy in Balashikha, receives threats from unknown people. This was stated by the radio station «Moscow speaking» her relative, who asked not to be named. According to him, Olga Alisovo, in particular, promise to pour acid.

He also commented on rumors that the woman is the wife of the head of the OPG, and «begins to pay off-be lazy». He noted that the husband of Olga really «in the group committed the crime of sitting for a long time, must soon go out.»

He also said that the suspect caused the accident also have a child. She now works in a phone shop simple consultant. According to him, no purchase is evidence that the downed child was allegedly drunk, was not.

«It rechecked again. Some nonsense just. I think it’s kind of ridiculous. I can’t explain,» he said.

He also said a relative is now in a state of shock.

Earlier it became known that the discovery of alcohol in the blood of six children who died in an accident in Balashikha criminal case about negligence. The investigators have already interrogated experts, who conducted the study. Their actions will be given legal assessment.

In turn, the materials of the criminal case checks the Prosecutor of the Moscow region. If there are grounds will be taken prosecutorial response.

Meanwhile, the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Irina Volk said that the Bureau is judicial-medical examination is not included in the structure of the Ministry of internal Affairs. According to her, the competence of the Agency includes only the pronouncement of the resolution on the appointment of expertise. Also in the interior Ministry considered incorrect statements by senior civil servants from unfounded accusations against police officers.

The tragedy occurred on April 23. In Balashikha, a local resident driving a foreign car knocked down a six year old boy. The child died on the spot. By results of examination it was found the presence of alcohol in the blood of the deceased at a concentration corresponding to the strong degree of intoxication. On 15 June the decision was made to exhume the child’s body for vetting examination.

Huddling the boy in Balashikha woman receives threats 17.06.2017

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