How will remember Helmut Kohl

With the name of Helmut Kohl, associated with the most important events of modern German and world history. Of a great way a great politician will tell the story of «TV Center».

In a wheelchair he stubbornly makes his way to the podium. In 2014, Helmut Kohl, has long been formally “retired”, survived multiple surgeries, a stroke, said «TV Center». His speech few people could read. But the legendary Chancellor of Germany until the latter wanted to speak to the world.

And the world is always listening carefully. The confidence and strength of character, plagued from childhood. At 15 he was forced to go to the training camp of the Wehrmacht. But as soon as it became known about the end of the war, went home. After having walked up to the native Ludwigshafen – tiny town on the West of the country four hundred miles. In order not to starve to death, young Kohl then asked for potatoes at the American soldiers.

Together with him, then joked, tasted and democracy. A great politician – growth 193 weight 135 – he almost immediately became a prominent figure in West Germany. The young MP, then Prime Minister of the earth Reynald-Palatinate. The Chairman of the Christian Democratic party. 52 Kohl first became Chancellor. The emphasis on economic and social policy. In the 80s Germany is the largest exporter in Europe. But Kolya was not enough. He dreamed of a new Germany. One.

But the allies from ideas were not happy. President Mitterrand has been configured carefully. British Prime Minister Thatcher and is considered: the two Germanys is better than one. Stubborn Since found support from Washington. And suddenly got an ally of Moscow. The meeting of Kohl and Gorbachev was held in Arkhyz. Tete-a-tete, they agreed to ratify the agreement on unification and the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Eastern Germany.

«What is it characterized, according to my feelings, disputes, and not only dispute is in attempts to find some solutions – is the ability to distinguish between bloc interests and national interests. The ability to listen to the arguments of the other side, though not necessarily to agree with them. This ability to put some of the issues associated with the restoration of German unity, above the ordinary passing interest with which the Federal Republic of Germany was facing on a daily basis,» — said the former Russian Ambassador in Germany Valentin Falin.

Strengthening the Alliance with Washington at stake, Germany has become a member of NATO – it has always stressed the importance of relations with Moscow. The unity Chancellor Helmut Kohl stayed in power for a record 16 years. But, making the country the main, was forced to reap the fruits of enterprises. In the East complained of the worst in comparison with the West the conditions of life in the West did not want to Finance the development of the East. In 1998, Kohl lost the post of Chancellor Gerhard schröder. And then broke out a huge scandal of illegal financing of the Christian Democratic Union. Kohl took the blame on himself. Angela Merkel, the Chancellor affectionately called “his girl” and, as recalled later, was taught everything right down to how to use a kitchen knife. She personally stabbed him in the back of the Chancellor, publicly criticized former teacher. Today, however, will remember.

«This news made me go into a deep mourning. I Express my condolences to his wife and family. I wish them to stay strong. At this moment I think with great respect and gratitude on the life and work of Helmut Kohl. His achievements, his role in German history – all this we have now before my eyes. It will take time to understand how much we lost after his departure. Helmut Kohl was a great German and a great European. He changed my life,» said Merkel.

Since the scandal was worried hard. On the day of the seventieth anniversary asked forgiveness of the Germans for the mistakes. And after the tragic suicide of his wife – she suffered from severe allergies to light, and depression – began to lead a solitary life. Speaking, however, the most pressing issues. So, after the Ukrainian crisis, Since criticized the decision to hold the summit «Big eight» without Russia’s participation. And the policy of the West, including sanctions imposed on Russia, called the rash. Remembered all too well how easy it is to build and difficult to tear down walls.

Helmut Kohl died at his home in Ludwigshafen am Rhein after a long illness. Silent people-an era whose legacy to Europe and the world have yet to realize.

Catherine Vyskrebentseva, Eugene, poloiko, European Bureau «TV Center»

How will remember Helmut Kohl 17.06.2017

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