How to save on buying tickets?

The pricing of tickets

Airlines seek to maximise their profits and therefore try to sell the tickets as expensive as possible. So if you ask sitting next to on the plane passengers about the cost of a bought ticket, it most likely will not like which you have paid.

The company should consider the prices charged to its competitors and current demand on a certain direction. All companies use a similar sales strategy and usually quite accurately predict demand for tickets, allowing maximum profitably fill the flight with passengers. To this end, they conduct research and use statistical information.

The importance of advance travel planning

The most appropriate approach for the reservation at a minimal price is the advance study of prices, when before the flight only a few weeks or even months. The greater the distance you have to overcome, the sooner we should begin to search for tickets and compare prices.

On transatlantic and other long direction of buy the cheapest airline tickets can often be during the six months prior to departure in the progress of the companies shares. But for a more precise placement of the price level it is desirable to find information about special offers from other companies in the same direction and see the prices for regular flights. In any case, you should not purchase a ticket without checking, whether there are at this time promotion for tickets to the desired direction.

Choosing the type of ticket and date of flight

As on weekends and holidays the demand for tickets increased, should try to choose the dates of your flight there and back on weekdays. Besides, prices for hotel rooms on weekdays below. Note that usually the purchase of a round-trip ticket (return ticket) is cheaper than buying two separate tickets to both sides. Although there are companies that provide discounts when buying a ticket at both ends, it’s the exception to the rule.

Unpopular flights

Some of the routes of flights are expensive, even at current promotions. This happens when the little flights when the route is not too popular, and the destination is served by only one company. In the absence of competition can form a sufficiently high price level. The only way to save in this case is to purchase a cheaper ticket on a flight with a connection. Thus it is necessary to take into account that the cost does not in all cases proportional to the distance. Therefore, the range of air flight with a stopover can be more, and it costs less.

The possibility of acquiring a cheap ticket at the last moment

Some companies, under certain conditions, to sell the remaining tickets at very low prices, when before departure is a few days or even a few hours. They do so to maximize to fill the plane. Often this approach is used for Charter flights, when shortly before departure because of a cancellation to free up space.

On scheduled flights such hot deals are more rare, usually only when the plane is filled with enough against expectations. To purchase tickets at the last moment it is better not to count, but this possibility is worth remembering, because sometimes it turns out cheaper to fly tomorrow, not in four days, as originally planned.

Especially cheap tickets

If you desire to buy a ticket at the most affordable price other factors are secondary. You need to consider that it is cheaper in all cases, the ticket will cost the economy, and in some cases the carrier will be the company-loukoster. These companies save on everything, except security.

For example, on such flights, the lunch may not be included in the base price of the ticket or have to pay extra Luggage space. Note that exchange or return cheap ticket almost never. It is necessary to pay attention when reading the rules of the reservation before you pay.

Where to buy cheap tickets

Since the offices of Transagentstvo and real aviakassa need to pay rent and pay salaries to the staff, they compensate these costs by charging customers an additional fee. Naturally, it is cheaper to book the ticket via the Internet. But here there are nuances.

Currently there are many web sites and reservation systems. You should pay attention on the integrated services that provide a ticket search and price comparison of a large number of sales offices and reservation systems, and not by the same company. In this case, the choice of tickets will be more, and therefore opportunities to save money will be wider.

How to save on buying tickets? 27.04.2017

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