How to choose air conditioning

First, in the offseason do not need to make a purchase in a hurry. You will have plenty of time to determine the model and necessary functions and you can, for example buy air conditioning in the Crimea in the online store. Also, during this period there will be a big queue for the services of the installation team, making the installation of HVAC equipment spend in time convenient for you.

Second, in the summer in the shops there is great excitement on the purchase of air conditioners, therefore, some sellers deliberately inflate their prices. And the range is much smaller, so you have to buy not what we would like, and what is left in stock.

Third, in the summer after buying the air conditioning have to wait another two weeks until it installs and then it provided that it was purchased in the sales and installation organizations. If the purchase was not planned, it could be a problem. And finally: it is not necessary to purchase the HVAC equipment in the online stores. Yes, it’s not a bad way to save money, but who will it install, provide service and warranty?

How to choose a conditioner?

The modern market of HVAC equipment offers wide range of products, so to choose the best variant for you will not be superfluous to familiarize with some tips:

  • Calculate teplopostochanya. For the correct selection of HVAC equipment is the calculation of heat gain in the room where it is installed. Therefore, this task is best left to professionals.
  • Learn the basic functions of the air conditioner. In addition to cooling the room air conditioning equipment can perform several additional functions: to eliminate odors, moisten or osasivat the air to heat the room to maintain temperature, etc.
  • Decide on the type of air conditioning system. To date, there are three – split system, split system and multi split system. The correct choice may depend not only on personal preferences, but also from the architectural features of the room.
  • Decide on a budget.
  • Purchase HVAC equipment only in the company that can provide expert assistance in the selection, to make all the necessary calculations and provide installation services.
  • And finally a few more tips. All manufacturers of HVAC equipment, with the exception of some leading brands (Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin), producing almost identical hardware in its price segment. When selecting the priority should be the following parameters: design, all necessary functions, ease of operation and type of air conditioner (inverter, non).

    How to choose air conditioning 17.06.2017

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