How to choose a nightgown

Some prefer to sleep naked, actually as suggested by many experts, and some don’t think of their night’s rest without clothes. Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of pajamas and nightgowns, the diversity of which can be found at this link. It remains only to understand how to choose good clothes for sleep.

Choose the material

Give preference to natural fabrics. They are perfectly breathable and provide good thermoregulation, so that the sleep becomes deeper and more relaxed. The best materials for sewing night gowns, are rayon, fleece, silk, modal, linen, flannel and cotton.

If you prefer soft, pleasant to touch things, give preference to products made of viscose or modal. These fabrics are elastic and pliable, allowing you to sew them in beautiful sleepwear. For lovers of the classics, a good option may be a comfortable body cotton chemise. Here only features of the material does not make it graceful.

Women who prefer to always be elegant, will appreciate silk sleepwear. Moreover, this unique material will help to keep warm in winter and refresh its coolness in the summer. But silk not everyone can afford, so often manufacturers replace it with satin. Overall, this is a good alternative, except that the satin is quite thick fabric and are not always able to provide the necessary air circulation.

Choose the color, size and style

Traditionally, sewing nightgowns, fabrics used were soft pastels. But today the colour palette is so wide that any fashionista will be able to find your perfect color. Passionate lady seeking to win the heart of beloved, you can buy the bright red or leopard print outfit. For more modest girls, there are a large variety of models in pastel colors.

As for the size, then this criterion when selecting night dresses is very important, despite the fact that many do not pay due attention to it. Of course, cotton model can be selected and visually, but with a delicate silk or viscose night clothes is not so simple. Made a mistake in size can easily highlight all the flaws.

Style nightgowns depends on a woman’s body. For example, owners of a pronounced midsection, you should choose models with a high waist. The ladies of small stature with bulky thighs and a narrow waist will fit an extra long night gown with accent at the neckline. Fragile girls should pay attention to models with V-neckline and lace insets on the chest.

How to choose a nightgown 23.09.2017

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