Glazing of balconies — features and types

In addition, increases the practicality of the application of such balconies, improves their appearance. Company for example, may perform any kind of glazing, and determine the choice you will help our recommendations.

Glazed balcony or loggia — a dream almost every owner of the apartment. You can select several options that will allow you to determine the type and method of glazing:

according to the method of glazing separated cold and warm;
at the type of material used, the glazing can be made using aluminum, wood and metal window profiles;
in appearance of window frames — French balcony, simple frames, frameless;
project loggia or balcony can be the without the removal, with one or more offsets;
by way of opening the balcony door can be pivoting, swivel-hinged and sliding.

The main difference in the type of glazing applied to the choice of cold or warm method. Cold glazing is preferable in the case that the owners need to protect the balcony from wind, rain, outdoor debris and dust. The insulation of the balcony conversation, in this case, comes. This system involves a him a cold profile, equipped with glasses. Contour profiles can be made of wood or aluminum. Additionally, in some cases there are handmade frames of different types. This type of glazing is less expensive but will not allow you to combine a room with a space of a balcony or loggia.

If your budget allows, it is preferable to stay still on the warm balcony glazing. It will add several square feet to your space in the room, and will also allow you to constantly grow houseplants, to allocate space for entertaining and relaxing, or perhaps have a small area to work with. Loggia or balcony can be supplemented by Underfloor heating. For these balconies apply multi-chamber PVC profiles, wooden frame with glass panes or aluminium system with thermal break. One of the key parts of the system are Windows, thoroughly protecting the balcony from the street.

The choice of the method of glazing and the profile view is always yours and depends on your desires and budget. Gazebo will serve you not one year, therefore we recommend to approach the glass effortlessly.

Glazing of balconies — features and types 29.10.2017

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