General Gerasimov said he is waiting for the Russian officers have passed the Syrian conflict

In early January 2017 on the basis of Military Academy of the General staff of the armed forces of the Russian Federation started the project «Army and society». It is a course of lectures and scientific conferences, during which the future commanders of the highest level will tell you how to make a modern armed forces of Russia is most open to society.

About the ambitions of the project can be judged by the level of speakers, among them are the higher ranks of the Ministry of defense, representatives of the presidential Administration and leaders of many ministries. So, a pilot lecture for officers were held personally by the head of the defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu. And the day before with a voluminous report to the students of the Academy were made by the chief of the General staff army General Valery Gerasimov. He touched on one of the most important and discuss world topics is the conflict in Syria, which from September 2015 the participation of the Russian soldiers.


In his speech, General Gerasimov told, among others, much work was conducted by our officers to rescue the Syrian Arab army from a seemingly hopeless situation. Valery stressed that although the media and I watch closely every sortie aircraft aerospace Forces, but the main work is done on earth.

When Russia came to the aid of Bashar al-Assad in the war against terrorism, Syrian forces were retreating everywhere. The inevitable fall threatened the biggest cities of the country and even to Damascus, the capital of the state. Accurate and powerful blows of the Russian bomber and attack aircraft stopped the enemy’s advance and gave time for the Syrians to take a breath. However, even in modern war victory is forged on the ground, said the General of the army.

To raise the combat capability of the Syrian units to an acceptable level to virtually every staff was assigned Russian officer. And on particularly dangerous sections of our advisors worked with commanders of battalions, Gerasimov said.


The Syrian army has not faced «with the usual taxi drivers, vendors and workers,» as it is present in the West. She clashed with well trained, motivated and well-armed enemy who was trained in all the latest techniques of modern warfare. Officers of the CAA was preparing to fight the «antiquated methods» – swift attacks to break through a deep defense. The terrorists used this one and ambushes – «fists of steel» like water through the fingers and do not bear the loss, and then was surrounded by the Syrians already in its territory and methodically destroyed them.

The primary task of Russian officers to teach their colleagues from government forces to have a leisurely action. According to the General, combat experience in Syria has shown that on the modern battlefield brute force is not going to work. You must confuse the enemy, to deceive him, to lull, or Vice versa – to wear down the constant simulated attacks. And only after that apply one accurate unpredictable shock in an unexpected place. To implement this tactic in life is Russian officers of the new format. In modern combat is simply unacceptable formulaic and blind adherence to the statutes.

«We need a thoughtful, proactive, strong-willed and energetic commanders, is able to act suddenly and to defeat the enemy on the battlefield. Special attention should be paid to unconventional methods of warfare,» said the gathered officers Valery Gerasimov.

In order to educate such personnel, all distinguished themselves in Syria, the officers will receive priority for appointment to senior positions. They will be able to directly influence the preparation of personnel and to share their valuable combat experience with colleagues.

«The true price of the officers and the General can only be determined in the course of armed struggle. Good administrators and business executives are not always as well manifest itself on the battlefield,» – said General of the army.

Indeed, this practice is well-proven during the great Patriotic war. Then often young, but talented officers were placed in positions that do not correspond to their titles. The experience of the «mother» of the Civil war did not help, and often even prevented the red Army in the war of the new «format».

For example, in September 1941, the commander of one of regiments of the legendary Panfilov division appointed Bauyrzhan Momyshuly, who at that time had just received the rank of Lieutenant. And in the next year 31-year-old officer in command of the whole division. Such rapid promotion. earned solely by their talent. Even in the battles with Japan in the far East, during the passage of military service, he saw that the tactics of dashing cavalry swoop is no longer valid and commanders need to think differently. And in the battle for Moscow he showed how.


Due to its exhausting tactics, his regiment was worth a whole division. The soldiers didn’t panic, even if were surrounded by German troops, because such a hopeless situation Lieutenant used to their advantage. German Colonel-General Erich Hepner one of the first faced with «feints». what he wrote in his diaries: «wild division fighting in violation of all statutes and the rules of warfare…».

After the war, the officer began to teach in military schools, and its tactics included in the textbooks of leading armies of the world under the name of «Spiral.». One day, Fidel Castro, who was the idol of millions, journalists asked who he considers a role model. In response, he pulled from his breast pocket a book «Volokolamsk highway», dedicated to the heroism of the ordinary Soviet Lieutenant.


Such examples in the history of the great Patriotic war there was a great variety. Yesterday the boys only received officers ‘ epaulettes, surprised not just courage, but a fresh look at real fights. They were not afraid to learn, not to act according to the rules drawn up before they were born, bravely offered their ideas and brilliantly implemented.

General of the army Valery Gerasimov in his speech proposed not to forget about such experiences. For Russia it is vital to develop talented officers and to help them to train their colleagues, otherwise the army would be simply not ready for the challenges of today. How would you perfect the technique, but control her soldiers, their commanding officers, which embody the plans of generals. And as said Valery Gerasimov, the true price the officers and the General can only be determined in the course of armed struggle.

General Gerasimov said he is waiting for the Russian officers have passed the Syrian conflict 05.02.2017

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