Gasoline rose to 50 rubles in some regions

Federal state statistics service presented the data of weekly monitoring of petroleum production and consumer prices for the week from 10 to 16 April 2017. According to the statistics, consumer prices on gasoline in Russia during the week from 10 to 16 April rose 0.1%, according to Rosstat. The average cost of diesel fuel has not changed.

So, over the past week in 34 centers of subjects of the Russian Federation noted the rising price of gasoline. Most prices have increased in the Voronezh, Kursk and in Cherkessk – 0.7%. The decline in gasoline prices by 0.2% was recorded in Abakan, 0.1% – in Kyzyl, Yaroslavl and Chita. In Moscow and St. Petersburg over the past week, prices for motor gasoline grew 0.2%.

As stated by Rosstat, average consumer prices for motor gasoline and diesel fuel in Russia is 37,32 of the ruble. However, how to write «Izvestia» with reference to the statistics of the company «Algorithm Fuel Integrator», amid seasonal factors and high excise taxes on fuel gasoline prices continue to rise in almost all regions of Russia. The most expensive gasoline in the far East and in the southern Federal district. Absolute Champions cost are Yakutia (almost 50 rubles per liter) and Chukotka (51.5 per ruble).

According to the Central dispatching Department of fuel energy complex (CDU TEK), compared with the beginning of the year, the average price of gasoline AI-92 in Russia has increased by 2.2%, or 79 cents per liter. However, the shortage of fuel in the country, says the Federal Antimonopoly service, and the cost of gasoline are unlikely to rise to the fly.

It is believed, says a senior analyst «Alpari» Anna Bodrova that rising fuel prices lead to higher prices for retail goods, and across the spectrum deals — as well as the indexation of tariffs for electricity and water, for example. All of these costs the manufacturer and the seller are traditionally passed on to the end user. Gasoline prices this year are growing faster than in the past, but that was expected.

By the summer, the expert believes, a liter of gasoline popular varieties of AI-92 and AI-95 can rise by 20-35 cents, and this is clearly not the limit of growth rates. While the food and consumer inflation growth of fuel prices may not affect: it’s all in the calculation of the index. It is considered on the basis of the price tag on narrow range of products great packaging and the lack of brands, so little reality reflects the picture of what is happening. On a personal inflation of ordinary Russians rising fuel prices is already being felt — people are paying for expensive raw materials, are forced to save on everyday and look for the best deals in stores and networks.

According to analysts «ALOR Broker» Kirill Yakovenko, Moscow region current price of gasoline AI-95 in summer is 41 rubles. With the onset of the holiday season, prices always go up, and it is a smooth trend. If you look at the chart, price has grown steadily since may 2009, without a strong shock rises. A slight drop over the last 10 years could be observed only from August 2008 to may 2009.

The rising price of gasoline always goes first in the chain of food inflation, he agrees with Bodrova and has a multiplicative effect. If the price will increase by 1 rouble at the current price per liter of AI-95 39.75 RUB, this will mean growth of 2.5%. As a result, in the price of food (and other goods), retailers will lay the margin is at least 3-4%, as they will rise in price not only logistics, but other goods and services that they buy.

Unfortunately, says Kirill Yakovenko, speaking about the regions, then there is the high price of gasoline, says rather than that he claimed that there is excess of demand over supply — but rather that supply chain is very imperfect, and not enough local refineries (there are so few left). This leads to the fact that economically weak regions with the high price of fuel begin to stagnate. A difference of 10 rubles per liter increase in the price of 11 roubles for an incomplete month is a non-market phenomenon that regulators should pay attention to.

Gasoline rose to 50 rubles in some regions 21.04.2017

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