Garage doors: types and features

If they are only designed to just cover the contents of the garage, it is advisable to buy inexpensive construction. The following describes the characteristics of four main types of garage doors that will help you make the right choice.

Most popular double swing gate, high strength is combined with simplicity of design. Since production is not difficult, prices for such gates are readily available for all. Usually in one of the folds of this design is the additional doorway. The disadvantages of these gates are large mass and the need for additional work space (up to 3 m, depending on the size of the gate).

Recently become increasingly popular sectional doors, which can be ordered on the website of the gates here.of the Russian Federation. They are made of Styrofoam filled with blocks of metal and equipped with electric ceiling or shaft type with sensors that respond to a radiated wave remote, and safety sensors that automatically lock the lowering gate at the location in their path of people or vehicles. The disadvantages of these gates refers to the frequent failure of the drive.

Automatic roller gates are similar to shutters installed on the Windows. They are motorized to automatically lift. Among the benefits of roller doors customers say the ultimate ease of installation and use, low price and the ability to control using the remote control. The disadvantages of this design are the low strength and poor waterproofing.

Tilt-up doors have the highest quality among all types of data structures. Used for the manufacture of metal sheet, thus achieving a high level of waterproofing and insulation. Overhead gates are moved only along the guide rails in the vertical and horizontal planes. They are equipped with a spring mechanism and can at customer request be motorized. The price of such models is the highest among all the above varieties of gates, but this is justified by its high quality and ease of use.

Garage doors: types and features 22.09.2017

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