Gang «foot avtopodstavy» detained in Moscow

In Moscow looking for a man who throws himself under the wheels of cars and then trying to get the driver’s money for alleged injuries received. Suffering talented, but not for long. When he realizes that the car is the DVR, runs.

Michael Strutsenko used to share on his page in social networks is strictly professional information. Posts on medical subjects responses were found, but never collected such a number of likes as the video posted earlier in the week. Posted for friends, in the end, hundreds of thousands of views, and account reviews a man completely lost. In the title role — a man, suddenly catching Michael at the wheel, reports «TV Center».

«When I came out, you see that the man is somehow very theatrical. I haven’t touched, and he lies. Look at him — he had already begun to open my eyes to squint. Immediately all became clear,» says Michael.

Fortunately the machine worked DVR — he recorded all the dramatic attempts of pseudo-actor. The footage shows that the car is going on a green light, when suddenly the road abruptly runs out. And falls under the wheel, he gently and somehow far from the machine itself. And then calmly walks away from the roadway, even without engaging anyone in a conflict.

Such performances occur daily throughout the city. The variations depend on the imagination and acting of the intruders. Only here the role of the villain in this scenario is always given unsuspecting driver. There are even fake witnesses.

A gang of artists has been detained the day before. They showed on the roads of the capital focus to the clock. Clearly divided roles, the simulated pedestrians. Then showed replica hours one of the famous firms, allegedly called the shop and clarified the extent of damage. After a fictitious conversation declared sum of 300 thousand rubles. On the given fact criminal case under article «Fraud». The guilt of their detainees do not recognize. They say that the money allegedly obtained in an honest way.

It seems that the crooks graduates not only acting schools, but stunt. If need be, elegantly jumps on the windshield. The majority of people are not even aware that they remove hidden camera. Therefore, there are sometimes very blatantly.

«If they understand that you are the weakest link, here begins the «I need the person immediately to the hospital, he needs immediate treatment to give one hundred thousand million». All you have got. The most important thing is not to succumb to provocation. Call the police, but already there then when the police arrive, will understand,» advises avtoekspert Igor Morzharetto.

The word «police» in such cases, the main guardian. Usually scammers, hearing of the threat to contact the police immediately recover and run away.

But Michael was not tired to rejoice that the DVR he still bought it and the day he was on, stood him in good stead. Record together with the application already transferred to law enforcement agencies.

Alexander Salomasova, Ivan Perminov, Valeriy Belinskiy. «TV Center».

Gang «foot avtopodstavy» detained in Moscow 19.05.2017

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