Game of thrones Ministerial

The tumultuous events associated with the Ministry of internal Affairs, played out in Ukraine. The number of related persons, including the son of the Minister Arsen Avakov, was involved in a criminal case of corruption. Struck at a powerful Agency whose head is one of the key figures in the current Ukrainian authorities.

The fight came two power structures – the Ministry of internal Affairs and the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU). The representatives of the latter made resonant arrests on Tuesday. Among the detainees — a former Deputy Avakov Chebotar Sergei, and the Minister’s son, Alexander. The case itself, in which made these investigations, is a vivid episode of «the fight of bulldogs under the carpet», which doesn’t stop on the sidelines of the Ukrainian authorities.

In July 2015 the military Prosecutor’s office started criminal proceedings on the fact of embezzlement of state funds in the purchase of backpacks for national guard of Ukraine (structure, uniting most of the so-called volunteer battalions and subordinate to the interior Ministry). The total amount of waste was about 15 million. The name of the son of the Minister in this matter came up quickly. In the media it was alleged that the firm, through which was to go purchasing, contacted a close friend Avakov Jr. Soon the General public and presented evidence. In early 2016 the Internet appeared the video, which shows how Cebotari and Alexander Avakov discuss delivery of the backpacks.

At that time, many Ukrainian experts were inclined to consider a criminal case of embezzlement as part of a confrontation between the military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios and interior Minister. This clash of the two officials were obviously for Avakov. In March 2016 the case of the backpacks was transferred to NABOO, where he actually put on the shelf. Or against Chebotar, or against Avakov Jr. was not carried out any investigative actions. They were questioned, they were not searched until Tuesday of this week.

Why did this change? It is not excluded that this is all part of the attack on the position Avakov and the so-called «party of war» opposed to the policy of implementation of the Minsk agreements, which, without the pressure of the Americans, adheres to President Petro Poroshenko. By the way, NABOO structure, working closely with the U.S. Embassy. Actually, she created largely on the initiative of Washington.

There is another explanation: the Minister’s son began to play. Close to the military Prosecutor’s office of the famous Ukrainian investigative journalist Volodymyr Boyko few days ago Alexander Avakov accused of involvement in the assassination of Deputy Igor Mosiychuk, in which two people died, and the people’s Deputy were injured. The direct organizer of the assassination of the journalist called nationalist, a prominent representative of one of the volunteer battalions of Sergey Korotkov named Boatswain. He is the friend of Alexander Avakov, there are several of them together. It is alleged that the motive of the crime were a commercial showdown. It is significant that the arrest of Alexander Avakov happened the next day after the murder of the assistant of the Chairman, the Amines AquaWay. If this story is true, in the near future the detained son Minister will increase the charges, and his father a headache.

Avakov, Sr., it seems, is not going to surrender their relatives and subordinates. In the day, when employees NABOO went to detention, he was ordered to remove the protection from the Verkhovna Rada, seized by supporters of Mikhail Saakashvili. Thus, the Minister seems to want to demonstrate that without him, the current government will not do. However, it is possible that Poroshenko, which needs to have its say in the war of the Ukrainian security forces, believes otherwise.

Game of thrones Ministerial 31.10.2017

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