Further Crimea: Kerch bridge is the only real problem

At the stage of development of the project of construction of Crimean bridge the West began to talk about the «problems» of this initiative. Sounded a variety of arguments, according to which the work and not was supposed to start, then the «experts» predicted the imminent closure of the already started construction, is now to deny the obvious is becoming increasingly difficult, so there are only tentative claims that after construction the crossing will be impossible, «normally operated». I mean, technically, Europe is already resigned to the fact that the ILO will be completed.

Photo source: facebook.com — @Krymsky.bridge

Crimean bridge have become the infopovod for anti-Russian propaganda. And support this topic, for the most part, «insulted the Ukrainians», who still can’t accept the decision of residents of Crimea to return to Russia. They realize that the crossing will become a powerful weapon of Russia in the information war, which has already been started Kiev and other Western detractors. Also a bridge helps to «razzombirovanie» the part of Crimea, which still believes the false allegations, which generously pours West to the Russian Federation.

For all these reasons, opponents of the project of the century wish the failure of the project. However, almost all of them realize that the only problem (for them) that can happen to Kerch ferry, is that it will definitely be completed. Then all the previously made arguments lose your weight, and connecting the mainland with the Peninsula in the foreseeable future will bring both political and economic fruits.

Further Crimea: Kerch bridge is the only real problem 30.10.2017

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