From U.S. action against North Korea is in a fever the whole Asia-Pacific region

In the region of the Korean Peninsula, the US created the situation leading to nuclear war, said the permanent representative of the DPRK at the UN. The Russian foreign Ministry expressed hope that Washington would refrain from taking unilateral actions against North Korea and urged to avoid any provocations. While Washington and Seoul make bellicose statements against Pyongyang. With threats began a visit to South Korea by Vice-President Michael Pence.

Your rocket Pyongyang tried to launch into the sky just in time for the beginning of Asian-Pacific tour, U.S. Vice President, said «TV Center». The test is known to have been unsuccessful, but Mike Pence is understandably in Seoul arrived not in the best mood, calling the actions of another DPRK provocation.

«Over the past 18 months, North Korea has conducted two illicit nuclear tests and an unprecedented number of tests of ballistic missiles, making an unsuccessful missile launch, even when I went here on an official visit. The era of strategic patience came to an end,» said Pence.

In the event of further provocations from North Korea, South Korea, together with its us ally to take strong punitive measures, said acting President of South Korea Hwang Kyo-Ahn, obviously forgetting about the prospects for their country.

«Do not test the resolve of Donald trump. Over the past two weeks he has already shown the world what is capable» – said Mike Pence.

The American Vice President was referring to a strike on the Syrian airfield shirt and the bombing of Afghanistan. To the shores of the Korean Peninsula sent Carl Vinson not one, but three aircraft carriers.

«If the figure of speech used by the Vice-President of the United States, to understand the threat to use force unilaterally, that is, of course, a very risky path. We will not accept a nuclear missile adventurous Pyongyang’s actions in violation of the numerous resolutions of the UN Security Council, but this does not mean that you can in the same way to violate international law, using force in violation of the UN Charter, and I hope that unilateral actions like those that we saw recently in Syria, will not» — said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov.

From the actions of Americans and loud statements of the White house reeling the entire Asia-Pacific region. In Japan, for example, called for a diplomatic solution, one, however, proviso.

«Needless to say that the diplomatic efforts to maintain peace, but to have a dialogue just for the fact the dialogue makes no sense. On North Korea must be pressured,» said Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

To do this, according to many, needs China. Beijing is betting and Washington. China is no longer a currency manipulator and a threat to the national economy, as previously stated Donald trump, but an ally in solving the North Korean issue.

«President trump was able to convey to the President of China that North Korea is no longer an asset. North Korea is a nuisance, a burden and a threat not only to US, not only for South Korea, not only for Japan, not only for Russia, but in particular, and China», — said the Deputy adviser of U.S. President for national security Kathleen Mcfarland.

«China will be mad, rant and rave, but never refuse to support North Korea, because the cost of failure for China – namely, the collapse of the North Korean regime, the Chinese borders, with millions of refugees, it is not clear who inherited the North Korean weapons, I’m not talking about nuclear even. All this happiness does not need China, so China is forced now to support North Korea», — said political analyst Gevorg Mirzoyan.

All of the USA – another muscle-flexing, experts believe. So Donald trump is trying to show who is in the White house host. Besides, as assured in an interview with Fox News channel, white house spokesman Sean Spicer, trump is not going to reveal what will be his response to a particular threat. And what to realistically expect from the American leader, now do not know even allies.

Matvey Shestakov Natalia Epifanova, «TV Center»

From U.S. action against North Korea is in a fever the whole Asia-Pacific region 18.04.2017

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