Frenchman Alain told about Russia: was able to experience true Russian fun

Director and art-Director of the center for contemporary art in France Alain Helou said why he moved to Russia than St. Petersburg differs from Moscow, in the eyes of Europeans and what he liked in the Northern capital of the country the most. About it writes the edition

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According to 46-year-old Frenchman, a year ago, he came to St. Petersburg to occupy the post of Director of the French Institute, the cultural center of the Embassy of France in Russia. Saint Petersburg is the most non-Russian of all Russian cities, he said. Now it is the former, but largely still the current capital of Russia, everything here breathes of Europe, from architecture to life, said al. The outer side of the city on the Neva river more understandable for Europeans than Moscow, he explained.

The alien admitted that he was lucky to work in such a structure, where people speak both French and Russian languages, both on work and on everyday topics. According to al, thanks to this environment it can feel truly Russian the fun, such as going to the bath.

Photo source: — Alexander Drozdov

Most of all, the Director of the French Institute liked in Russia, Philharmonic, the St. Petersburg improvisational orchestra, the New stage of the Alexandrinsky theatre. He also noted that he was very impressed by the people who sunbathe at the fortress in any weather. Al admitted that for him they were an example of how important it is to catch a moment.

Frenchman Alain told about Russia: was able to experience true Russian fun 29.10.2017

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