Free movie-theater marquees will be installed at the Tver city Day

Behind the scenes preparation to the main city holiday is very noisy. From all rooms you can hear the Symphony of saws and hammers. It is made decorations for the birthday of Moscow. Objectives of each workshop your. Who collects, who paints, and who does the final finish. The construction is truly magnificent. 2016 is the year of Russian cinema. Therefore, all objects are somehow connected with the most loved Patriotic movies reports «TV Center».

The day of the city assembled about 15 of the art facilities. Each copy is made strictly according to the sketches to accurately convey all the details of the original. For example, the sculptures from the fountain of friendship of peoples are just waiting for final painting.

The next fountain is immediately nearby — it is collected from plywood sheets with great care. All rechecked several times. Be it the scale or the decorations in 3D. The famous entrance arch of one of the most visited parks of the capital — Gorky Park. It will allow you to get on the set of the film «I step through Moscow». This site will be the drying and now in the next hangar plaster sculpture 1960-ies. The main goal is to move guests to a certain era. But do not overdo it.

While at one point, preparing the scenery, the other actors prepare. Rehearsing scenes from the film «pig and shepherd». Remember the movie Ivan pyreva plan together with the audience: the host will ask questions along the way, stopping the actors. In addition to the pageant, the facility will run several interactive zones.

And in the next room practicing dance for flash mob based on the movie «Night watch». As planned, the dancers are representatives of the dark side: vampires and witches. Because the costumes are striking and provocative.

So bored, the day the city just do not have. One only Tver street will involve 10 platforms, and across Moscow there are more than 30. And each will offer residents something unique.

Alexander Salomasova, «TV Center».

Free movie-theater marquees will be installed at the Tver city Day 06.09.2016

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