Former allies: the Iraqis and the Kurds are ready to kill each other

The President of the breakaway Iraqi Kurdistan officially declared that does not intend to renew their mandate after November 1. This is further proof that Iraqi Kurdistan after the referendum of October 1 on independence backpedals.

Meanwhile, the Baghdad to protect her territorial integrity of Iraq acts harshly. And Kurdish resistance, if it remains, uncoordinated and even chaotic. The problem, however, persists. The Kurds — the largest nation on the planet without their own state, and, therefore, interchange is only postponed.

Yesterday we were conquered from the Kurds by the Iraqi army in Kirkuk, and now are at the positions of the Peshmerga. And the most unpleasant thing for a journalist is when those and other not so long ago enthusiastically described how they jointly routing the ISIS terrorists, and now they are ready to kill each other and consider you a telescopic sight, each from his own trench.

Major, through-and-through bullet under the Mosul igilovskoy bullet does not hide the irritation and gives the turn in the direction of Baghdad.

Peshmerga ready to look again into the eyes of death, but the sacrifice was useless. The power of autonomy freeze the results of the referendum.

Cool guns, old Soviet guns, even the commanders informed the authorities about the repulsed attacks on checkpoints along the Turkish border, but the reverse has already been given — Kurdistan calls on Baghdad talks, the Declaration of independence is delayed.

«Of course, in this situation we cannot talk about independence. The situation is very complicated. But the independence of Kurdistan and the Kurdish people is still our dream, our main goal», says Hoshyar Civile, head of foreign relations of the Kurdistan Democratic party.
The Kurds are barely recovering from the first defeat. Lost province with the main oil-bearing areas. Peshmerga out of Sinhala and give it under the control of Baghdad.

The Iraqi army, capturing Kirkuk, entered the territory of Kurdistan. But, faced with fierce resistance from the Kurds, stopped 30 kilometres from the capital of the autonomy of Erbil. Baghdad gave the Kurds the full power, strengthened in the war against ISIS (banned in the Russian organization) army, trained and equipped by the Americans.

«The game America is satanic. USA only think about your stomach. No friendship between the Kurds and the Americans never had. This friendship was only through and for the sake of oil», — said Jalalan Akram Mohammed, the commander of the front line.
Here have lived for centuries in the siege, and best friends the Kurds were only mountains. For they fled from the incursions of your warlike neighbors. The houses of the rich sheikhs and now resemble a medieval fortress with towers, a dungeon, in which there is necessarily a heavy machine gun, and the garage is a small tank.
«We have a house, or any piece of land of Kurdistan will not give anyone. You can not doubt», — said Jalalan Akram Mohammed.

Sheikh Akram and his own impregnable fortress and army are commanded by the eldest son of major Salam. He and his fighters again sent to the front.

The next time a major we met was two days later when he was wounded by a bullet in the knee, lying in the great hall of her father’s house. Mayor welcomed the guests who rushed to wish him a speedy recovery.

Great-grandfather of Salam Sheikh Mirza during the First world war, commanded a Kurdish regiment in the Russian cavalry. And in the cabinets with the family arms major stores PCA beloved grandfather, with whom he fought for the freedom of Kurdistan.

Baghdad rejects the offer of the government of Kurdistan about the freezing of the referendum. This is not enough — Erbil needs to abandon the idea of independence, to hand over control of the airports abroad and all the oil and gas fields, while President Massoud Barzani — to resign.

The Kurds gained strength for two weeks and eventually went on the offensive. They move attacked the city of Mathur. Now there are street battles. In the direction of the city centre, one after another washed away in the jeep with the Kurdish militia. And towards the limping wounded. Someone on their own who trafficked in the back of a truck.

At some point, the fire of the Iraqis becomes much stronger. They break through the position of the Kurds. Sound the order to retreat. Will not correct the situation even the special forces of the Peshmerga, urgently deployed in armored cars. To hold the city and fails.

Agree still also fail. The conflict develops into a full-fledged civil war.

Former allies: the Iraqis and the Kurds are ready to kill each other 30.10.2017

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