Forgive me, Lord: Ukrainians rage against ban sects in the Crimea

In Crimea, military Commissariat demanded legally from recruits who want to apply for alternative civilian service documents about involvement in a religious community. However, the Ukrainian media turned everything on its head and presented the incident in a completely different light. Details about the case in Crimea, reported the edition «Observer».

At the moment it is known that in the Crimea the recruit, who is a follower of the Church of Jehovah’s witnesses, asked the military Commissariat to send it to give back to the Motherland on alternative civil service. In turn, the military explained to the recruit that in Russia Jehovah’s witnesses are considered illegal, extremist organizations and sects, and means on the AGS it can not appoint. But still the yield offered, the young person must submit the documents belonging to a legal religious community.

The case received publicity in Ukraine and the community of Jehovah’s witnesses, and the local media turned everything on its head. Various news agencies in a rage gave the news like «Russian atheists» struggle with the religious beliefs of the normal of the Crimean people and do not worship Satan.

However, once again we will remind that in the Russian Federation the Church of Jehovah’s witnesses as extremist organization and therefore military commissariats have the right to refuse recruits in the civil service, in that case, if they are adherents of the illegal sect.

Forgive me, Lord: Ukrainians rage against ban sects in the Crimea 18.06.2017

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